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France to Erect a Monument in Honor of Moroccan Goumiers

Taroudant – France will erect on Tuesday in Place Denys Cochin, in Paris, a monument in memory of the Moroccan “Goumiers,” the soldiers who served in auxiliary units attached to the French Army of Africa.After more than 70 years of neglect and disregard, France finally will erect a monument, which will stand to witness the support of the Moroccan soldiers who played a decisive role in the liberation of the Mediterranean island of Corsica from the hands of the Nazi regime.They also participated in the liberation of Paris and several French cities during World War II. The French press said that the statute will also commemorate the 1939 call of King Mohammed V for the support of France in the World War II.Chakib Benmoussa, Morocco’s ambassador to France, and several Moroccan-French well known politicians, including Rachida Dati as well as Moroccan Bahija Simou, Director of Royal Archives, will attend the opening ceremony.In 2013, French President François Hollande paid tribute to World War II Moroccan veterans and fallen soldiers in a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Mediterranean island of Corsica.During the ceremony, Holland offered a rare tribute to the “Goumiers” -, saying they “will never fade from memory. They were known for skills fighting in mountains like Corsica’s.”However, France’s recognition of the important role Moroccan soldiers played in its liberation from the Nazis came very late.According to Maati Monjib, a history professor at Rabat Mohammed V University, only two percent of the Goumiers are still alive to receive this overdue tribute. read more