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Annan calls for allembracing approach in fighting threats to peace

“Dire potential scenarios involving nuclear, chemical and biological weapons have dominated recent disarmament discussions,” Mr. Annan told his Advisory Board on Disarmament at UN Headquarters in New York. “But a much more direct threat to many people around the world is the day-to-day violence of conflict fought with small weapons, which are supplied – sometimes legally, sometimes illegally – by often unscrupulous and predatory arms merchants.”Noting that the very first article of the UN Charter calls for “effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace,” he said it is essential to show that the UN is capable of fulfilling that purpose, “not just for the most privileged members of the Organization, who are currently – and understandably – preoccupied with terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.”In addition, he stressed, the UN must protect against the more familiar threats of poverty, hunger and deadly disease. “We must understand that a threat to some is a threat to all, and needs to be addressed accordingly,” he said.International political attention “has drifted dangerously away” from the Millennium Development Goals, such as halving extreme poverty and hunger by 2015, he observed, stressing that the world cannot afford to neglect the so-called soft threats of poverty, hunger and disease.On the issue of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) he said there were important gaps in international coverage, most notably concerning missiles. Efforts to fight small arms trafficking might involve ensuring jobs for disarmed ex-combatants in countries emerging from conflict, clamping down on the illicit exploitation of natural resources, and greater transparency in information among States about armaments and military matters in general, he added. read more


Navy captain Nick CookePriest was allowing wife to use ships car before he

The Navy captain removed from command of HMS Queen Elizabeth is understood to have allowed his wife to use the ship’s car, and it has emerged he was reported by his own crew. Commodore Nick Cooke-Priest was stripped of his command of the fleet’s newest aircraft carrier over a claim that he treated the Ford Galaxy “like it was his own”.  The Telegraph now understands that Cdre Cooke-Priest is believed to have allowed his wife to use the vehicle for personal… However, his dismissal turned into farce when it was announced that he would still take the helm of the ship to sail from Rosyth to Portsmouth, only for that decision to be quickly reversed by the Royal Navy and the captain flown off the ship.  read more