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Protest against VAT on private education continues

The following are scenes from today’s protest (Photos by Padmini Ujraj)  The group maintained that they will continue to protest the action by government for as long as it takes for the taxation on private education to be revoked. In light of the Government maintaining that the Value Added Tax (VAT) on private education will continue pending revisions in 2018, another silent demonstration was held in front of the Ministry of Presidency today.The gathering of a significant amount of adults and children were seen holding placards against the tax on private education implemented by Government earlier this year.Speaking to media operatives today, several persons continued to decry the Administration’s decision to continue with the taxation measure, highlighting that it “just adds to the burden to live in Guyana.”One mother of four said that her children, who are all at the primary level, were not admitted into private educational institutions because she is wealthy, but because the private schools have more to offer than the public system.“The government is saying they’ve invested 17 percent of the budget into the public system but they’re not taking that money to pay the teachers adequately, they’re paying that money to try to fix the broken public system. The best teachers are forced to leave the public system to go to the private schools. That’s why i send my children there.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedCitizens up pressure on Govt to reverse decision to VAT private educationFebruary 28, 2017In “latest news”Against public outcry: President says 14% VAT on private education remainsMarch 2, 2017In “Business”PPP calls for ‘immediate removal’ of VAT on educationFebruary 27, 2017In “latest news” read more