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Argentinian Analyst Highlights Moroccos Leading Role in Africa

Casablanca – Argentinian professor, Adalberto Carlos Agozino, said that Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has used a practical approach of political solidarity with several African countries. In an article published by news agency Total News, the Argentinian political analyst states that King Mohammed VI has implemented concrete measures that have supported the concerns he has expressed for Africa.“King Mohamed VI, has constantly provided evidence of his concern for Africa through concrete measures going beyond words,” said Agozino. The Argentinian expert noted that Morocco’s growing contribution to the resolution of African conflicts, through active participation in United Nations’ peacekeeping missions, its diplomatic experience, the release of humanitarian aid and scholarships, the training of imams and the deployment of field hospitals, provethat King Mohammed VI always attaches concrete actions to his words.”Agozino went on to add that Morocco’s policy towards Africa focuses on three areas: promoting peace and security, committing to its economic and social development, as well as maintaining solidarity with the continent.Agozino, who is a John F. Kennedy University professor, mentioned King Mohammed VI’s initiative in Juba in Southern Sudan, where he ordered the deployment of a multi-specialty field hospital to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the country.According to Agozino, this initiative reflects Morocco’s “pioneering and natural role” as an active partner within the African continent.Describing the hospital, Adalberto Carlos Agozino said “This state-of-the-art field hospital with a capacity of 30 beds, can be expanded to 60,  employs 20 specialist physicians, 18 nurses, and will provide medical services in various specialties, including pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, traumatology, Dentistry, ophthalmology and ENT (ear, nose and throat).”The Argentinian professor pointed out that that Morocco’s presence in Africa will take on a new dimension during the expected return of the Kingdom to the African Union at the AU summit scheduled on January 30 and 31 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Agozino added that the role of leadership played by Morocco and its dynamic diplomacy have gone beyond the continent. read more