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Datamine rolls out a series of new versions and solutions in 2015

first_imgSirovision is a photogrammetric data acquisition tool developed by Datamine and the CSIRO. It generates highly accurate, scaled 3D images of rock faces in open pit and underground mines. The new Sirovision 6 introduces sophisticated polyhedral block analysis and the ability to map structures across multiple mosaics. As a result, geotechnical engineers now are better equipped to identify potential hazards with a higher degree of certainty and accuracy. April also sees the release of Studio EM. Studio EM will replace Datamine product, Downhole Explorer and will be offered to new clients as well as existing customers through maintenance upgrades. Studio EM is a focussed productthat is tailor made for exploration needs. “Setting itself apart from other products in the geological exploration space, Studio EM will include point and string editing, wireframing, and basic block modelling and estimation functionality.”Studio EM will also have a full set of plotting functionality for producing section plots, plan plots, logs and reports, as well as comprehensive 3D viewing and the ability to publish 3D PDF files. This year sees a range of new releases and new versions of existing software solutions for mining and exploration from Datamine including Studio 5D Planner, Sirovision, Enhance Production Scheduler, Studio EM, Fusion 8 and Summit Data Management.The latest release of Studio 5D Planner, 14.24 is now available for download, bringing users a range of new features and speed enhancements. Studio 5D Planner now has the advanced intelligence to work out which design changes require re-processing. When running through the Preparation menu, only designs that require updating will be used to generate walls, points, and solids.“We understand how important speed and accuracy is to our customers so we have added various time saving enhancements to ensure users can complete their work in record time. To facilitate this, the duplicate point checking algorithm has been improved to provide substantial performance improvements to walls and point creation for all design types. Previously, the time taken was proportional to the number of points squared. Now it is proportional to the number of points. For 100 points it is now 100 times faster and for 1,000 points it is now 1,000 times faster.Users can expect a performance boost across all processes thanks to improved database synchronising routines. A new routine for creating derived wireframes significantly speeds up this process.” Significant improvements have also been made to Enhance Production Scheduler (EPS), Datamine’s scheduling solution which integrates directly with Studio 5D Planner. New EPS features included in this release are stockpile management, where users can now create stockpiles and plant destinations, and produce to and from these. Templates for auto-assigning resources have been introduced. This allows filters to be used to assign resources to tasks. An option to consider targets during levelling is available and a new Timeline view can be toggled on andoff above the bar chart and gives overview of project duration and zoom status. A new Schedule comparison tool allows users to do a side by side comparison of two schedules to highlight differences. In-line editing is now available for actuals. When actuals are tracked and displayed on the bar chart they can now be edited directly onthe bar chart. Project notes are now accessible in docking window that can be displayed at any time. Summit Data Management is being released to customers progressively throughout 2015. “At Datamine we have embraced the cloud and been working hard to deliver simple, easy to use cloud-based applications that add value formining technical departments. Summit data management functionality provides an elegant solution to age-oldproblems associated with storage, sharing and publishing of technical files across mining organisations. Summit ‘understands’ mining files and provides field mapping facilities that flow through to automated reports. Users can visualise their data in 3D streaming over the web, without installing any special applications. You get peace of mind with inbuilt security features, off-site backup of files, and secure sharing with specified users. Upcoming releases of our desktop products will link seamlessly with Summit data management, so you can upload and retrieve files from the cloud from within your geology or mine planning project.”Finally, Fusion8 is a comprehensive solution for geological data management. “Fusion8 is loaded with a range of newfeatures that increase efficiency, whilst providing a high level of transparency and auditability to ensure regulatory compliance. Thanks to a new cloud-hosted option in this latest release, users now have the choice to store their Fusion Central database on the cloud, eliminating the expense of on premise IT and database administration. This service enables users to focus fully on their drilling and sampling programs rather than IT system administration.Fusion8 introduces a new service layer that provides huge speed increases for Check In/Check Out operations.last_img read more