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The Skyrunner The Flying Vehicle Is Now Available

By Safae KajouaneRabat – Stewart Hamel, a businessman and skydiving lover created the SkyRunner, an all-terrain vehicle and aircraft invention that has many advantages.The SkyRunner has a fan on its back and an attached parachute that can be easily folded. The SkyRunner MK 3.2 was first presented in March 2016, at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in Florida. SkyRunner sells for $119,000, and can fly for 120 nautical miles at 52 mph at 10,000 feet above sea level. Its maximum speed on the ground is almost 115 mph.The new vehicle is finding its uses with landowners, farmers, pipeline companies, emergency medical teams, the military, and lovers of modern vehicles.SkyRunner CEO Stewart Hamel is providing his customers an adventure where anything is possible and almost everything is available. SkyRunner offers people a unique flying experience in safe conditions. read more