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Watch NASA Photos Transformed Into Stunning Short Film

first_img Even Steven Spielberg couldn’t make the Space Race more stunning than Christian and Wolfgang Stangl.The Austrian brothers spent 18 months turning NASA’s photo and audio collections into an animated collage that illustrates the Cold War competition for supremacy in spaceflight capability.“This short film is dedicated to all people who believe in peaceful expansion of our borders,” the Lunar video description said.In 1955, the United States and Soviet Union each announced plans to launch artificial satellites. But the USSR made history with the October 1957 orbiting of Sputnik, and later put the first human, Yuri Gagarin, in space in 1961. The competition peaked with the July 20, 1969, US landing of the first humans on the Moon.Thus, the Apollo program—and the inspiration for Lunar—was born.More than 55 years after Project Apollo began, motion designer Christian and composer Wolfgang tapped thousands of high-resolution images and clips from NASA’s public archives to recreate the moon landing as you’ve never seen it before.In almost three-dimensional detail—and with a feeling of drama reflective of the astronauts’ journeys—the brothers have built a truly beautiful vision of history.Their two-year undertaking was made possible by NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which scanned more than 14,000 photos from Apollo 7 through 17 and assembled hours of recordings from the missions.“I was fascinated by the amount and the quality of the pictures,” Christian Stangl told PetaPixel of the photos made by the Hasselblad 500 camera. “When I looked at the archive, I knew immediately that I want to make a film with these photos.”According to Time, the filmmaker relied on two principal techniques: panoramic stitching to combine multiple images into one scene, and stop-motion sequences to create that feeling of zero-gravity weightlessness.The result: A gorgeous five-and-a-half-minute movie that puts high school history lessons to shame. Stay on target Hubble Space Telescope Captures Star’s Eerie Gaseous GlowMoon Glows Brighter Than Sun in NASA Fermi’s Vibrant Images last_img read more