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By Julian Gray FFWPU International Headquarters

first_imgBy Julian Gray, FFWPU International Headquarters The following is an outline of the main parts of True Mother’s event in Osaka today. (Accounts of what people said are from the simultaneous interpretation into English and only partial.)Click to see the pictures of the Main Event or the Victory Celebration Osaka Hyojeong Family Festival held on November 21, at Osaka Kadoma Sports Center Ten thousand people gathered at the Kadoma Sports Center in Osaka on Tuesday November 21 for the Osaka Hyojeong Family Festival, a sister ceremony to that held in Nagoya five days ago.In welcoming everyone, FFWPU president Rev. Eiji Tokuno expressed his appreciation for all who had come. He alluded to problems facing both the world and Japan as a nation.As you know the problems of family breakdown are increasingly serious in Japan. In addition to the problems humanity faces as a whole, such as threats of war, terrorism, refugee issues, and destruction of the natural environment, we have the concern that those from our young generation in Japan are tending to avoid marriage.In light of this Rev. Tokuno, explained, the Japanese government is adopting policies to support family life in Japan. He gave the example that November 19, two days ago, had been Family Day, and explained that awards would be presented to some exemplary families at the conclusion of the program.Rev. Tokuno went on to say that True Mother had spoken at a rally in Seoul on November 11 for the peaceful reunification of Korea and was bringing heavenly grace to Japan from the success of that event.  He introduced volumes of True Mother’s speeches, drawn from hundreds of speaking engagements around the world over the years, and published in Japanese in time for this speaking tour in Japan. He mentioned that Mother had spoken in such places as the Great Hall of the People in China, and the Kremlin in Russia, and that she had met and spoken with many heads of state during her the years of her speaking tours.Rev. Tokuno concluded by encouraging everyone to work to create the true family movement help save the world.Following the introduction of guests, the Head of the House of Councilors Constitutional Research Forum in the Japanese Diet offered congratulatory remarks:Today we are receiving Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon at this Hyojeong Family Festival, with people filling this sports center. I am so impressed…. When I was at Waseda University, CARP was involved with many social efforts for the family. Some of you who were there at that time; you are not just my classmates, you are my brothers and sisters…. To change the Constitution is a serious matter for the sake of the future: what is important is to build families based on love – this is the most important point for any society. And this is the subject your movement, led by Hak Ja Han Moon, is fully engaged with.A representative congratulatory message from a Japanese Diet member was read out, and then the audience was treated to some beautiful entertainment that included dance and choral music.Two second generation members then came out one by one and testified to their experience as second generation of our movement, and the course their parents had walked. The young man who spoke second mentioned that his parents had undergone many painful experiences of not being understood by society. He continued:I understand it was because they had found God’s dream. As their second generation son, I am standing on their foundation. We will testify to True Parents throughout the world and realize God and True Parents’ dream.A large group of children of various ages then came onstage and in unison gave the following words of appreciation and resolve:Thank you so much! We were born from parents that showed us the heart of hyojeong. We will inherit that heart. We are in a difficult era but don’t worry – embracing the heart of hyojeong, we will become the light of the world. We will, without fail, build an era of hope. When True Parents call us, we will go anywhere in the world with an unconditional heart.The Korean song “Unconditional” (Moo-Jo-Geon) sung live with a huge number of energetic young dancers was followed by a video – Hyojeong to Heaven, Light on the World – introducing True Parents to the audience.International President Sun Jin Moon then spoke to introduce True Mother. After greeting everyone in Japanese she began her speech by alluding to the suffering of people around the world, then pointed the way to our movement’s inevitable future of service to humanity:“We are all aware that we live at a very troubling time in history. Tensions are on the rise in many parts of the world, and nowhere more intensely than Northeast Asia. At the same time, our environment, our precious planet earth, is being threatened.  Moreover, while some live in excessive comfort and enjoy privileges, many, many other suffer from poverty, oppression and lack of opportunity.We are gathered here today to renew our commitment to peace. That is, we are committing ourselves to building a world in which all people, and generations to come, will live in mutual respect, harmony, cooperation and mutual prosperity.  As my parents have said, we are here to build “one family under God” where people of all cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and races live together, trust one another and love one another.My parents dedicated their lives to this goal, with absolute commitment and determination. They worked ceaselessly to lead a great awakening and raise up a worldwide peace movement centered on God.They have a particular love and respect for the people of Japan and recognize that Japan and the Japanese people have an historical, providential role to play at this time in history. My parents have always seen Japan as a mother nation to the world, a parent that lives for the sake of all of God’s children.” Read MoreIn welcoming True Mother to the stage, Sun Jin Nim introduced her as an unwavering champion of peace who not only stood with True Father for more than five decades but still works globally in a multi-faceted movement for the sake of peace. Sun Jin Nim spoke on the edge of tears when she mentioned how Father and Mother are still working side by side even now, and how proud Father is of True Mother.As elegant white curtains drew back, Mother came onto the stage, and everybody rose respectfully from their seats.Mother’s speech included the following (in outline):Today we are entering a new era of the providence, the responsibility to attend God – for a new Japan and a new Osaka….I am here to explain about God, the center and core of all existence. God the creator created the whole universe, and created a man and a woman as the ancestors of humankind. God gave them responsibility – they were to be united in absolute faith, love and obedience, growing toward God’s ideal of hope, with the destination of becoming True Parents. Yet on the way they thought about their own position and desire. This led to the Fall. But God is the same at the beginning and at the end, the Alpha and Omega. He cannot change His Principle. So God had to restore the fallen people of this world back to the original ideal state, and a sorrowful path was required for this to take place.Mother explained about this path of history that included the 4,000 years required to bring the son to earth whom God could declare, Jesus Christ; but that Jesus had had to go the cross due to those in key supporting positions being unable to accomplish their roles. Mother explained that if central figures or nations Heaven has chosen cannot fulfill their responsibilities, Heaven will not be able to use them again. God selected a new nation, and that new nation is what is today Korea, on the Korean Peninsula.Mother went on to explain the need for the only begotten son and daughter to meet. Because the True Parents must be established, when Korea, by then divided, descended into civil war, God mobilized the United Nations forces for their protection.Mother then explained that the True Parents came to give the Blessing; fallen people must indemnify their sin, so unless they are born again they cannot stand in front of God; and that the Blessing Ceremony is the ceremony that permits this process.Mother continued:How long humanity has waited for this moment of grace! We say 6,000 years, but it is longer in reality. Those who have received the Blessing must fulfill their responsibility—that is, your responsibility as heavenly tribal messiahs. Therefore, today I wish you to become heavenly Osaka, proud Osaka! For that purpose, are you ready to fulfill all your responsibilities?Today through many wonderful performances our second generation showed great ability. True Parents selected Japan as the Mother nation. A mother lives for the sake of her children, she helps her children achieve success and happiness by all means. All humankind longs for peace but in reality we cannot see a peaceful world. Even so, we have the key because blessed families can produce a second and third generation…. The children are to be the light of the world. Such a movement is desired by God and all people for the realization of one family under God.When we achieve tribal messiahship, the day of hope will appear in front of us. Therefore, as heavenly Osaka, with the revolution of the hyojeong culture of heart, and together with God the Heavenly Father, you should convey the truth that we are with God and True Parents, and introduce this truth to the world.After God and humankind’s long-suffering course, we are now in the time of attending God and True Parents. While I am still here on earth, we can realize the heavenly kingdom on earth. Let’s move forward to that ideal and expand it throughout the world. People of Osaka, will you stand on the front line?[Please note: The above notes are a summary of some parts of Mother’s speech, which will later be properly translated into English.]After Mother concluded her speech, everyone stood and offered four enthusiastic cheers of Eok-Mansei, following which Mother departed the stage accompanied by Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim.Model family awards were then announced and presented. Representatives of these families present in the auditorium came onto the stage and received the awards to loud applause. A commemorative photograph was then taken all together, after which the young persons’ choir sang a beautiful song to bring the event to its conclusion.last_img read more