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Quick tips to help your child get and stay organised

first_imgIntroducing a sense to stay organized in your child may sound like a daunting task. However, by imparting daily activities with fun, a child can learn how to keep things organized.While some children are natural organizers, most children struggle with planning, organizing and time management – forgetting lunch boxes at school, misplacing books and stationery, failing to finish tasks on time, and so on. Developing good planning habits at a young age can help children prepare for – and succeed in – life beyond schooling. Here are a few ways that you, as a parent, can help your child be more organized:Introduce checklists: Even if it’s as simple as “3 Things to Do before Bed” or “What to Take on Vacation,” creating and referring to lists together will develop your child’s ability to strategize tasks and organize time. Once your child knows all the steps involved with a particular task, it would help the child add it to an overall to-do list.It is very important to know the child interest so that you as a parent can design all the mentioned activities as per his/her interest.Give them chores that involve sorting or categorizing: Laying the dining table, sorting socks or shoes and other chores that involve pre-planning, making lists, or arranging things are great choices. Get a child-friendly planner or calendar: Look for a planner/calendar your child can personalize. Having their own planner will show them that you consider their time valuable, and that planning & organizing is something worth celebrating. Encourage your child to write down important tasks in a digital planner/calendar or on a paper one. Then help the child estimate how much time each task will take. After they complete the tasks, ask whether the time estimate was accurate or not. Appreciate them for their accomplishment and if needed, suggest adjustments for next time.Establish a fun & homework routine: Help your child make a “study hour” schedule and set up a comfortable workspace — whether it’s in their room or at the kitchen table. Encourage your child to stick to the schedule even when they don’t have homework (they can still read, review notes, or even dive into a fun activity book.). It is always suggested that as they have focused study routine, a parent must always schedule and fix a time for their play or for activities of their interest first to encourage and motivate them.Break project/tasks into chunks: Help your child break school projects or household chores into smaller, more manageable steps. This will show your child that each project has a beginning, middle and end, which can make projects feel less overwhelming. For example, if your child’s nightly chore is to clear the table, explain: first he/she should scrape leftovers into the garbage, then load the dishes into the washbasin and then wipe the counter.Do regular backpack checks: Your child’s backpack is a crucial link between home and school—so it’s important to keep it neat. Schedule a time each week for your child to clean out and organize your child backpack.Help your child think ahead: Before bedtime, review plans for the next day with your child. This can make the child feel more secure.Conduct weekly clean-ups: Encourage your child to clean and sort through notebooks and bags on a weekly basis. Papers and assignments found in the bags or books must go in the right folders at home. Cleaning and organizing the bedroom every fortnight or month also ensures that everything is always kept in its place.Planning & organizing is one of the most important things which makes anyone more disciplined, stress-free and gives a great sense of independence. It’s very important to introduce planning & organizing to children so that gradually it becomes their habit as they grow up.Remember, organizing can be a challenge for children, so reward and support them in the process by developing different routines and by appreciating them when they accomplish the task well. Parents also learn through the experiences so they should go easy on child and themselves as well.last_img read more