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An evening in Kashmir

first_imgIt was evening time, must have been six o’clock, the sky had turned red due to the setting sun. Ayan was watching this changing time standing in the balcony of his house.Seeing that he felt like going out for a walk, he took permission from his mother to go outside, then got out on a bicycle! Halfway through the road, he turned towards the city. As soon as he reached some distance, found the policemen with guns were standing there and the road ahead was closed. The police had seen Ayan by now, just as Ayan was about to turn his bicycle. The policemen stopped him and started asking his name and address! Amidst all this, the sound of procession started coming from the other side of the road, as Moharram was going on that month.As the procession was getting closer and closer, police and Indian Army soldiers started gathering and insisted on stopping the procession! They could not stop the people amid the anger of mourning.Shortly, the state DGP announced, in any case, the procession should be stopped!On hearing the announcement, the Kashmir Police personnel started hurling pellet guns, handguns and tear gas towards the procession!There was a strange vibrating atmosphere.Ayan standing on the other side of the road was scared to see all this and turned his bicycle fast towards the house!last_img read more