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Caucus sets delegates in motion in Port Arthur

Margaret Borel said she’s usually very decisive, but remained undecided even as she sat in the caucus room Tuesday at Stilwell Technical Center. She said she liked something about Obama, Clinton and John McCain. “I really want a woman, but I really like Obama,” she said, but “memories of Bill” represented something she didn’t like. She said she wished the country could have a three-way presidency with one handling health care, another “NAFTA stuff” and another the military. Ironically, she didn’t catch Obama or Clinton on recent Southest Texas visits because she didn’t want to get in the crowds. Borel was smack in the middle of an overflowing crowd of those hoping to become delegates to the Democratic party. Commitment, patience, passion, and even confusion were on the ballot for caucus attendees at Stilwell, and their situation seemed to play out in similar scenes across Jefferson County on election night. At Stilwell, hundreds of residents representing Precincts 45, 70, 95 and 109 filled the rooms and spilled out into hallways after the primary polls closed waiting for their chance to caucus for their favorite Democratic presidential candidate. Attendees waited for about an hour and 10 minutes to begin dividing into precinct groups, because Robert A. Lee, Precinct 45 election judge, wasn’t allowed to begin the caucus until after everyone in line to vote at 7 p.m. had finished voting. Those inside seemed willing to spend their evening in a “hurry-up-and-wait” mode in order to support their candidate. They waited patiently as they chatted, worked puzzles or even caught a quick nap. Many said they’d never been moved to attend a caucus before and didn’t know what to expect. Lee patiently explained throughout the evening that that each precinct would elect a chairperson and a recording secretary. Then attendees would select delegates and alternates based on a formula of how many voted in each precinct in the most recent presidential election. Lee became Precinct 45 chairperson. This section was allowed 14 delegates and 14 alternates. Of attendees in his precinct, 44 declared support for Barak Obama for president and 39 declared support for Hillary Clinton. Voters chose their representatives and Lee said he hoped they would all show up for a county meeting Saturday, March 29, at Austin Middle School in Beaumont. At that meeting, Lee said the same formula, based on previous election counts, would be applied to the voting “strength,” to see how many votes would go toward Obama or Clinton. The same process was repeated for the other precincts. Delegates will go to the state Democratic convention in Austin and the national convention, set for Aug. 25-28 in Denver,” he said. Lee said the Democratic party expected the high number of voters in Port Arthur this year. He said he’d attended caucuses before with just a handful of people, but this time more people attended because they are “fed up to the gills,” he said. “The people have decided they’re going to have a say this year,” Lee said. While some caucus attendees grumbled about the slow process or said they believed the night’s actions wouldn’t accomplish anything, most remained patient and were willing to share why they supported a candidate. Oney Fitzpatrick was drawn to his first caucus. “We are at a time in our history with an opportunity to change,” the Obama supporter said. “I like his philosophy of trying to establish the United States’ status in the world,” Fitzpatrick said. “I think he’s a lot more sensitive to the common man.” Cesar Munoz gave his vote for Clinton. “I support Miss Hillary all the way. I’m hoping and praying she gets it. I think she and Bill can run this country, turn it around and get it going back in the right direction … balance the budget … reduce the national debt … and end this war,” Munoz said. Contact this reporter at [email protected] read more


KBMT to become NBC affiliate in addition to ABC

first_imgMcKinnon Broadcasting, owner of KBMT12 in Beaumont, announced Tuesday that KBMT has come to an agreement with the NBC network to broadcast its programming in high definition to Southeast Texans beginning Jan. 1 on its second digital channel 12.2. The station will continue to air ABC programming on channel 12 analog and in high definition on KBMT-DT 12.1 in Beaumont. “We are pleased and excited to offer Southeast Texas the outstanding line-up of NBC programming they know and enjoy,” Michael McKinnon Sr., president of McKinnon Broadcasting, said. KBTV Channel 4, which previously carried NBC programming, announced last month they would no longer continue their affiliation with the network. Channel 4 will become a Fox affiliate on Jan. 1. KBMT will continue to carry ABC programming and local news coverage on the station’s primary digital channel 12.1. Under the new digital television format, every TV station has digital sub-channels on which they can air different programming. In addition to airing NBC’s national shows, the station will also air unique local news programming to complement the quality and established NBC News product. “We listened to the viewers of the area and they said they wanted to see NBC programming,” Mike Elrod, general manager of KBMT12, said. “We are committed to continue serving Southeast Texans and believe this is a great extension of the quality programming we already offer.” The new NBC affiliate will also offer local news options, however exact details have yet to be worked out, Elrod said. He added that today’s announcement ensures the station will be producing more local news programming than any other local affiliate in the market. Cable and satellite viewers will not be required to own a new digital set in order to receive the NBC programming because these systems that carry KBMT will have the ability to convert the digital signal to a regular analog signal on the cable or satellite. If you rely on an antenna to view local stations, you will need a digital converter box that is available at many local electronics dealers. You may obtain a coupon from the government to off set the cost of purchasing the converter box. “This is just another example of Mr. McKinnon’s ongoing commitment to the Southeast Texas community,” he said.last_img read more


‘Fright Night’ flick gets a cool update

first_imgThe original “Fright Night” movie was something of a guilty pleasure from my teenage years. This story of a suburban teenager battling a vampire who’s just moved into the house next door was a nice mix of comedy and borderline scary stuff–and I’m not just talking about the bad hairstyles from the 80s.Now things get a whole lot cooler, with the inevitable Hollywood remake hitting theaters this week. Anton Yelchin stars as Charlie, a kid living in Las Vegas who notices that his next door neighbor, Jerry (Collin Ferrell) keeps his windows blacked out and doesn’t go out during the day. That’s not unusual in Las Vegas, but when more unusual things start to happen, Charlie comes to the conclusion that Jerry is a vampire. The solution is simple, go see “Fright Night” in 2D. The film is too good and the performances too memorable to risk not getting the full effect. Not only is this a great remake of the original film, but it’s a solid entry into the horror genre—not at all a guilty pleasure of a movie.Movie reviews by Sean, “The Movie Guy,” can be found bi-weekly in “The Port Arthur News” and weekly on KFDM-TV and KBOI-TV. Sean welcomes your comments via email at [email protected] The film also gets points for some nice updates, including smart phones, Cris Angel-style magic shows and on-the-money pop culture references. On the downside, the film’s 3D doesn’t work very well. Oh sure, lots of stuff gets hurled toward the audience, but the already dark images that you need in a vampire film don’t work well with the 3D glasses that make things even murkier. It’s hard to enjoy a movie if you can’t see what’s happening up on the screen.center_img The problem is that Jerry isn’t a mindless bloodsucker. He knows that the kid next door could be trouble and sets out to nick the problem in the bud (or the jugular vein, if you will). The rest of the film is a battle of wills between the vamp and the teenager who’ trying to protect himself and the ones he loves from the Jerry’s lethal embrace.“Fright Night” is a lot of fun, and like the 1985 original, it’s a nice mix of comedy and outright scares. Casting Collin Farrell as the villain was a stroke of genius. The actor oozes seductive testosterone, but can also turn on the violent menace in an instant. This is not a mindless caricature, but rather a full-blooded (pun-intended) thinking creature. Watching Jerry using his wits to fight Charlie creates some of the film’s most memorable scenes.last_img read more


Superintendent Talk: Parents, come help us address discipline

first_img We have many exciting initiatives that will take place this upcoming school year in order to support our teachers and students in the classroom.  We are planning an extensive professional development program that will assist teachers in helping our students to be more successful in academics and in life.  To accomplish this goal, we need the support of all parents in the district.  As stated earlier, for children to be successful at school they have to come to us willing to learn and have the desire to learn.  That means they have to come prepared for learning.  They have to first come with the right attitude, the correct tools – homework – writing utensils – books, etc., and with the understanding that their parents expect them to come to school and listen to the teacher and behave appropriately.  I hear from my generation that “I want to give my children more than what I had”.  But sometimes I think about what we had was not that bad.  We were taught respect and we were taught to work hard and not feel that we were entitled to anything.  We were also taught to work for everything that we wanted and not feel that others owed us anything.  What is wrong with that?   I see students coming to us with the idea that we should do everything for them and that they have no responsibility or accountability for anything.  The Port Arthur Independent School District is charged with educating children and preparing them to compete with other students from across the world.  We are charged with molding students into a product that can move into society and succeed.We hear so much about how the demographics are changing in our community, the unemployment rate is high, our poor children are going through so much at home, there is no structure in the home, etc.  All of these reasons are really adult issues that have become excuses why some of our children behave as they do.  Yes, all of the above may be true but when do we stop wallowing in the, “Woe is me”, and get up and start to do something about the situation.  We in the PAISD understand that we have to strengthen what we are doing and change a lot of how we are delivering instruction.  To meet the needs of our students we are addressing those issues, but we cannot be held totally accountable for the success, or lack of success, of all students.  Please understand that our students come from home before they come to school.  Students come to us with certain expectations and behaviors that are instilled in them early in life, often between the ages of three to five years; this is before our teachers get an opportunity to guide, influence or help mold them.  It is incumbent upon the parent to come to the realization that the school is a partner, not an adversary.On Tuesday, July 30, from 5:30p-6:30p in the Auditorium at Memorial High School, and Tuesday, August 11, from 5:30p-6:30p in the cafeteria at Travis Elementary, we invite parents to come and take part in a community conversation regarding how we are going to address the discipline of students this school year and what are your expectations of us, and our expectations of you.  It is going to take all of us to ensure that our common goal, student success, is achieved. Last Thursday, the Port Arthur Independent School District (PAISD) completed all summer school activities and now our students can sleep a little later, interact with friends and hopefully find a good book or magazine and read for enjoyment.  We are asking parents to take their children to the Port Arthur Public Library and just hang out with Mrs. Carolyn Thibodeaux, children’s librarian.  Mrs. Thibodeaux is doing some wonderful things with our children in all areas of learning.  Just as I have watched children dropped off in the mall and left for hours unattended, you can do something of a similar nature and drop children off at the library and allow them to sharpen up on their reading skills, which is safer and more educational.last_img read more


Indians take pair at home

first_img Against Hamshire-Fannett, Josh Hranicky threw three hitless innings, allowed no earned runs, walked one and struck out seven. Girouard smacked a two-run homer and finished with three RBI.Carter Henry and Trey Selman each had two hits for PN-G. Hayden Guerra scored two runs, as did Girouard, Morse and Selman. It was the second game of a doubleheader for the Indians, who also defeated Hamshire-Fannett 9-1. PN-G was to play in the Pete Runnels Tournament in the Lufkin area while Memorial was to play in the SETX Baseball Classic in Vidor and Beaumont, but both tournaments were washed out.That cannot be said about the Indians’ offense.PN-G scored on a sacrifice grounder by Adam Morse, a steal of home plate by Cole Girouard, a passed ball and a Nathan Vidrine three-run double. Girouard tripled and doubled and scored three runs in the win. Morse drove in two runs. The News staff reportPORT NECHES — With tournaments cancelled thanks to the weather, Port Neches-Groves and Port Arthur Memorial didn’t hesitate to try to get in a game before district play begins. PN-G got the better end of the deal, scoring six runs in the fifth inning to take a 10-0 win over the Titans in six innings Friday night.center_img Ryan Leckich struck out eight and allowed two hits in five innings for the win. Kevin Cruz Lugo struck out three and allowed three runs in 2 1/3 innings to suffer the loss.PN-G scored a run in the first, two in the third and a run in the sixth to close the game. Memorial committed five errors.last_img read more


Services today and death notices for June 24

first_imgDeath noticesErnest C. Epps Jr., 81, of Nederland died Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Broussard’s, Nederland. Services todayRonald “PeeWee” Kiger, Clayton Thompson Funeral Home, 1 p.m.Harry C. Sport, Clayton Thompson Funeral Home, 1 p.m. Timothy Frank Knight, 75, of Groves died Thursday, June 23, 2016. Levingston Funeral Home, Groves.Armandina DeLaCruz, 83, of Groves died Thursday, June 23, 2016. Clayton Thompson Funeral Directors, Groves.center_img Cymenthia Coats Boyd, Levingston Funeral Home, Groves, 10 a.m.Eduardo “El Chaparro” Torres, St. Joseph Catholic Church, 1 p.m.last_img read more


Services today and death notices for Jan. 18

first_imgDeath noticesAnnie Salles, 97, of Beaumont died Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. Broussard’s, Major Drive, Beaumont.Philip H. Martin, 75, of Port Arthur died Monday, Jan. 16, 2017. Gabriel Funeral Home. Nancy Lou Holbrook Hammonds, Oak Bluff Memorial Park, 10 a.m.Shirley Ann Brown Fontenot, Levingston Funeral Home, Groves, 10 a.m.Miriam Hebert, Melancon’s Funeral Home, Nederland, 10 a.m. Dorothy Ree Blanchard, 80, of Nederland died Monday, Jan. 16, 2017. Broussard’s, Nederland.Carrie S. Patrizi “Sue Sue,” 61, of Beaumont died Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. Broussard’s, McFaddin Avenue, Beaumont.Nancy Lou Holbrook Hammonds, 66, of Vidor died Sunday, Jan. 15, 2016. Levingston Funeral Home, Port Neches.Clarence Gobert, 69, of Port Arthur died Friday, Jan. 13, 2017. Hannah Funeral Home Inc.Claudia Peron, 60, of Port Arthur died Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017. Proctor’s Mortuary, Beaumont.Leroy H. Robinson, 72, of Groves died Monday, Jan. 16, 2017. Proctor’s Mortuary, Beaumont.center_img Services todayArlo Izayah Haley, Broussard’s, Nederland, 2 p.m.last_img read more



first_img Nathan Gabryszwski started on the hill for the Cardinals. The freshman was limited to two innings (predetermined), and gave up one run on four hits and two walks. He stuck out three. Ryan Cawthon (1-0) earned the win for LU with 2 2/3 scoreless innings pitched. The senior allowed only one hit and struck out three. Tied at 1-1, Chaneng Varela ripped a double through the left side that scooted under a diving shortstop and rolled deep into left center field. His double scored Trey Silvers — who reached on a one-out walk — from first base and put the Cardinals (29-21) up 2-1. Chad McKinney kept it going with a double that banged off the left field wall and scored Varela, and moved to third base on back-to-back walks to Phil Ingram and Vincent Dellocono.Following the two walks that loaded the bags, Grant DeVore and Reid Russell each drew bases-loaded walks to make it 5-1 before Bryndan Arredondo unloaded on another wall-banging double that cleaned the bags and made it 8-1.center_img Lamar sports informationBATON ROUGE, La. — It was a well-pitched ball game on both sides to start, but Lamar baseball broke through with two outs in the seven-run fifth inning and put the game away when the Cardinals defeated Southern 10-1 Wednesday afternoon in a non-conference, midweek tilt.last_img read more


Cajun with an Asian twist Reel Cajun opens for business

first_imgBy Michael [email protected] What’s best?Trying to figure out what to try at a new restaurant can be a daunting task. If you’re new to Reel Cajun, here are some dishes recommended by Tony and Stephanie Nguyen.– Ceviche: Ahi tuna, red onion, tomato, jalapenos and cilantro served with shrimp chips– Cajun Egg Rolls: Stuffed with boudain and pepper jack and served with Creole mustard– Chicken and Sausage Gumbo: Andouille sausage, chicken and vegetable in a rich, dark roux– Seafood Gumbo: Shrimp, crab and crawfish tails simmered in a rich seafood stock and dark roux– Boudain Burger: Fried boudain patty served with Creole mustard, remoulade, lettuce and tomato– Hoisin Glazed Seared Salmon: Eight ounce grilled salmon served with one side and white rice– Boiled Crawfish: Original, Spicy, Dynamite, or Cajun Shake served with corn and potatoes Reel Cajun Seafood Restaurant and Bar opened for its first day of business on Wednesday.Owners Tony and Stephanie Nguyen cut the ceremonial blue ribbon in the presence of family, employees and members of the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce, announcing the official opening of the long anticipated restaurant.The Nguyens, who describe the menu as “Cajun with an Asian twist,” are no strangers to the restaurant industry. They started five years ago when they took over the old Arthur’s Restaurant at the Baymont Inn.“We ended up cooking what I know best: crawfish,” Tony said. “From there we just grew and grew and since then, it’s been no looking back.”“We love crawfish,” added Stephanie.Originally from Port Arthur, the Nguyens were living in Houston when Tony perfected his crawfish seasoning.“We ate crawfish everyday,” Tony said. “We’d just cook it until we found the way we liked it. It was everyday cooking, sometimes twice a day, before we found the recipe we wanted to cook.”The Nguyens owned Good Times, which flooded during Tropical Storm Harvey. While the storm did not damage Reel Cajun, it delayed the opening by two months.Upon entering the restaurant, visitors are greeted by an image of the building taken during the storm, with the words “Texas strong” written above it.“It was like a boat ramp,” Stephanie said, pointing to the picture. “There was a boat and a helicopter. I thought the picture would be perfect with the saying ‘Texas strong’ above it because we are Texas strong.”Immediately in front is a spacious dining area. Adorning the dining room are custom made decorations, some near the tables, others hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. To the left is the bar, above which are several television sets. In the rear and right side of the dining room are booths capable of seating anywhere from six to 10 people.On the right is a banquet room, which can be reserved for birthday parties or used to seat groups of ten or more. Down a hallway of walls made from torched lacquered wood, which includes bathrooms for the “King Fish” and “Lady Fish,” is another banquet room that can be used for parties and company events. Stephanie said they are already booking events for the rooms.Outside is a 3,000 square-foot smoking patio. The bar opens up to the outside and includes several television sets. Stephanie said they are currently awaiting the arrival of pool tables and games.But what about the food?“We are mainly seafood and have a variety of seafood,” Tony said. “But we also have steaks and burgers and chicken sandwiches for non-seafood eaters.”Reel Cajun will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Saturday with the kitchen closing at 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and at 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. A bar menu will be available after the kitchen closes. Hours will extend to 2 a.m. once the owners have a liquor license.Reel Cajun is located at 7500 Twin City Highway. To view the menu or make a reservation, visit read more


BASKETBALL ROUNDUP — Lofton, Titans rule boards: Senior goes for 29 points, 20 rebounds Wednesday

first_img A close game ended with the host Hardin-Jefferson Hawks a nose ahead of the Nederland Bulldogs on Tuesday in Sour Lake.Joseph Gipson made four threes as part of his 20 points for the Bulldogs, and Tyler Jackson scored 11 points with nine rebounds and four blocks.Nederland (3-1) next hosts Crosby at 7 p.m. Tuesday.OTHER RESULTS The Lamar State Seahawks won one game and lost two at the Pensacola State Thanksgiving Classic on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.The Seahawks lost to the No. 13-ranked Tallahassee Community College 80-59 Monday, then just made it past home team Pensacola State College to win 72-71 late Tuesday. The Seahawks fell in their last game at the tournament to Northwest Florida State College 70-63 on Wednesday.The Seahawks (4-6) next play Bossier Parish Community College at 7 p.m. in Bossier City, La. Kenneth Lofton Jr. scored 29 points and 20 rebounds to give the Memorial Titans the edge and win 80-72 against the Cypress Creek Cougars on Wednesday at Houston Christian High School.Amaree Abram added 15 points and five assists. Nate Clover totaled 12 points for the Titians along with 10 rebounds and Landin Jackson netted 10 points and two steals.The Titans (4-0) return to Houston on Friday to play Concordia Lutheran at Houston Episcopal High School at 7 p.m.Hardin-Jefferson 62, Nederland 61 (Tue.)last_img read more