Create a stable and harmonious living environment Xining west police anti rob baby has a brilliant i


Create a stable and harmonious living environment Xining west police anti rob baby has a brilliant i

  for at the beginning of this robbery, robbery prone situation, recently, the West Branch of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau adopted a number of measures to prevent combat robbery crime, and create a harmonious and stable environment for the masses.

December 30, 2008 morning, Xining city high Cao Xiang publicity column, from the family of migrant workers near the hospital Li Li is reading carefully covered with the police tips: to prevent your belongings robbed, please walk on the sidewalk, and the bag on your side...... "Do not think there are so many walking and backpack." Li Li said, the police tips are good, which listed above a lot of anti-theft grab knowledge, I did not know before, today saw a great harvest."

according to the deputy director of West Public Security Bureau Li Junping introduction, recently, City Public Security Bureau police station in the district posted such police suggested that the main financial institutions posted on the door and case prone sections. The content is mainly for the different types of crime within the jurisdiction, to remind the masses to guard against theft, and to promote some of the anti-theft prevention knowledge, good response in the masses. Xiao Zhuo Victory Road police station community police. Since the Bureau of police comprehensive information after the establishment of the platform, his mobile phone often receive daily information about the west area and robbery case information. Upon receipt of text messages, Xiao Zhuo promptly informed the residents of the area, so that they targeted to take preventive measures. These messages are the Public Security Bureau of the West Branch of the establishment of integrated command and control center to send. Li Junping said that only the community police to understand the situation, their work will be targeted. Therefore, almost every day to send the situation in the form of text messages sent to the police.

into the winter, on the west side of the road more than a police check card. If you ride a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle license plate or the card is not clear, the staff will politely ask you checked off. Li Junping said: "in addition to the necessary checks, we will take pictures of the vehicle." After taking pictures, the staff will bring back the relevant information to the branch, enter the computer. "This way, such as" robbery cases ", we can according to the clues, will tune out the suspect vehicle related information."

plainclothes patrol. In the west of the City Public Security Bureau, in addition to a 12 person professional patrol team, and a professional anti robbery plainclothes patrol. Players in the case of multiple sections of the road to carry out uninterrupted patrols, secretly tracking suspects and vehicles. The evening of December 28, 2008, patrol police patrol to the sea when a bar door, found 3 young men armed with machetes, shouting at the roadside, to stir up trouble. Plainclothes players suddenly attack, took them down.


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