Huangzhong eight petal lotus folk arts and crafts show sales center opened


Huangzhong eight petal lotus folk arts and crafts show sales center opened

November 15th, Huangzhong County, eight petals national folk arts and crafts show sales center opened.

in recent years, Huangzhong County seize the province to build a "cultural province" and "plateau tourism province" and the city to create "Xining tourism circle ring xiadou" opportunity, relying on the Kumbum Monastery religious and cultural tourism resources and Hehuang folk culture resources, to accelerate the cultural tourism resources in the county to move the county culture the tourism industry as the goal, to create the Kumbum Monastery national 5A level scenic spots as the starting point, to accelerate the construction of the "eight petal lotus" cultural tourism industry park, actively cultivate the characteristics of cultural tourism industry system, vigorously develop the cultural tourism industry, bigger and stronger "eight petal Lotus" cultural tourism brand, to create the famous Tibetan Buddhism cultural tourism destination Xining folk arts and crafts exhibition center and the province's cultural tourism county.


project is located in Huangzhong County lushaer town Yingbin Road, about 1 km from Kumbum Monastery, covers an area of 30 acres, the construction area of 15600 square meters, Huangzhong county is to enhance the cultural tourism taste, promote cultural industry with tourism, promote the development of tourism and cultural integration, with key projects leading radiation. After the completion of the project, will become a tourist display, publicity, promotion of tourism products and the important places to create a national Kumbum Monastery 5A scenic tourist attractions. (author: Su Jianping She Chaolong)

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