Analysis on the profit model of Watsons chain operation


Analysis on the profit model of Watsons chain operation

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franchise has become a development mode of many brands, the franchise has a kind of profit model, we have the following in the case of Watsons, this paper summarizes how to according to the market and consumer demand characteristics to make decisions about their products or services for the analysis of chain enterprises. Hope to provide some reference and help for the chain enterprises.

Watsons chain business profit model analysis: accurate positioning of the consumer groups

domestic retail industry can be described as feudal lords vying for the throne, local brands to Balefire rises from all directions., development, foreign brands have come in a cup of soup. Effective procurement, low cost logistics and strong terminal is the three magic weapon to win the retail industry. In the face of fierce competition, Watsons around the price war trap, according to the observation and analysis of the Asian market for many years, with hundreds of years of experience in marketing in recent years found that Asia's economic growth rapidly, people on the quality of life of the increasingly high demand. Traditional sales just stay in the stage of the consumer to buy, attention only on the goods. In the increasingly mature commodity economy, consumers not only buy goods, intangible value is required to enjoy the fun of shopping and the pursuit of commodities, such as brand, service, and finally reached the highest level of consumption, through to the enterprise culture identity of brand loyalty.

no doubt, Watsons is pursuing the latter. Personal care stores it in order to "explore" as the theme, proposed "health, beauty and happiness" (health, good, fun) three concepts, to assist the love of life, people pay attention to the quality of their unity of internal and external beauty. In China, Watsons is the first to the concept of personal care stores operating, its unique and accurate market positioning, refreshing. Store target customers locked in 18 - 35 year old women, they pay attention to personality, have a strong spending power, but the time is not very anxious to go to the big supermarket shopping, the pursuit of a comfortable shopping environment.

Watsons chain business profit model analysis two: the product strategy for the target consumer groups

Watsons personal care stores products can cover and contain everything, from more than and 20 countries, drugs, cosmetics, personal care products, fashion accessories, candy, cards and gifts etc. twenty-five thousand kinds, mainly divided into two parts: one is the Watsons brand, cosmetics and personal care products; two nursing activities other brands, Procter & Gamble is not in the minority, and Maybelline, AVON also has a special counter in the store. Of course, products are not only for women, all kinds of foreign origin of the food is enough for the man eaters gobble down.

Watsons products are the biggest feature is to convey the three business philosophy. Medicines and health care products to retain the characteristics of the store since the creation of "health"; beauty salons and care products accounted for the largest proportion of the most diverse types, Table >

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