How do customers worry about out of thin air


How do customers worry about out of thin air

even the same service attitude is very good, some customers, trading is very happy, but some customers are not easy to talk, even out of thin air. So, if you encounter in doing business to do so out of thin air customers? A few days ago, I bought a shop to the customer in my blade, handed the blade at the same time, the customer pulled from his pocket a razor knife said to me: "I try, if the blade toughness is good, I'll take it. But if the beard doesn't move, the blade is still yours." There is no room for negotiation.

due to blade aware of their sales, feel the quality is guaranteed. I answered him: "no one has a quality problem, you can rest assured that the use of good." After the customer has tried, the satisfied payment is gone. After I think: if you meet a difficult customer, knife blade packaging also opened, that is not good for the blade out of thin air, and do not own, how to deal with?

see the above deal with this business details, very good. The customer first experiment, if the clearance of commodity quality really, that no other words, natural money bought, if the poor quality of such goods, it is not exactly the same, the quality is not reliable, how how to open to the owner, will not give you the money.

see above the counterparts in dealing with the details of the process, to the requirements of customers, the customer after the experiment, found the shop sold goods and before the purchase is not the same, this is good, the quality is very good, buy it, not only this time to buy, I come back next time.

but the customers walk after the heart doubts, if the next time, next time if a niggling customer satisfied with what to do after the knife trial, if the customer does not purchase packing to do, it will affect the open blade two sale, the goods will not sell it, it a commodity has virtually become the loss, back to the home, they certainly do not agree, do not return to the home we took a loss. It seems that this method really let the customer test is not good, but the customer arrival, so proposed, we also can not find a reason to refuse, do good?

to solve the problem how to do customer encounter cautious, want to find a good answer, we must first find the cautious customers in what form? From this point of view, the problem is much simpler. The one that hit the cautious guest Zaban good answers will be surfaced.

cautious customers in what form? In fact, the answer is very simple, that is, the number of customers fooled enough, will be so careful. Customers only covet too much cheaper, and only a few times have not been sent to the store or shop black, will produce this cautious psychology, will be so careful. Customers are afraid of being fooled again

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