Golden Bear palm seventh road show female entrepreneurs ended


Golden Bear palm seventh road show female entrepreneurs ended

era of public entrepreneurship, the emergence of female passengers frequently appear. In the Golden Bear roadshow women entrepreneurs special, many innovative entrepreneurial talent women about their entrepreneurial experience on the stage, showing different creating style.

exquisite Salon: intelligent are both human, a style of female community

by the older generation of scholars "living room Salon" inspired, former editor "Sanlian Life Weekly", author of "high" is like girl when a number of best-selling female Echo founded vertical community exquisite Salon ", the core of the user is locked to Kochi, high power consumption, 22-32 year old young woman, users in the community in the current hot, life attitude and experience to communicate, discuss and share.

For example,

Based on the


played with the temperament of the female man call teacher founder Yang Xiaolu, let the audience straight breath field is too strong. With the teachers and students, learning platform "call teacher", also zhichuo line tutor timeliness weakness, Yang Xiaolu saw great potential for online tutoring market, convenience, real time and cost, the contradiction between the students and the interaction in the call, the teacher does not exist here, this is where the teacher call the advantage.

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