Aalborg pizza franchise fee details


Aalborg pizza franchise fee details

what was the first thing you thought about Denmark? It is small with the "Andersen fairy tale", today want to introduce this project is about catering to Denmark, Denmark is an ancient city of Aalborg bred a delicacy. One of the most ancient city of Aalborg, Denmark, more than and 670 years of history and cultural heritage, so that more people here enjoy happiness and delicious. This is full of fairy tale atmosphere of the town, all the food is simple, stylish, elegant, leisurely to the heart of a hugh sense of taste. The introduction of the traditional processing technology of Denmark, fusion Chinese delicacy culture, combined with professional production equipment and advanced technology, to create a Danish style restaurant, unique products, has a fairy tale imagination innovation ability, add the Danish freedom and happiness! Fusion of independent innovation management team, Aalborg more and more by domestic customers love


Aalborg pizza franchise fee details

Fort pizza fast food headquarters launched a variety of media advertising for the Aalborg brand building, but also for the owners to provide advertising programs, product promotion plans, etc.. Aalborg pizza fast food headquarters operations professionals will not regularly go to the shop into the nuclear guidance. Aalborg pizza fast food including product quality, service quality, store operations, visual image, brand maintenance and finance, to assist the store to maintain or improve restaurant operations, to better enhance the performance; the headquarters will continue to launch a new marketing strategy according to the market demand, according to the change of the market to determine the product update out, development and committed to new products, improve the market competitiveness of the brand. Its joining fee is:

first, join the expenditure

join fee even if the cost of joining the brand, this figure will be different because of different brands. Aalborg pizza, pizza is roughly between thirty thousand to fifty thousand, there are some brands may be necessary and special discipline fee.

two, facility spending

pizza shop is not the necessary facilities, but many are essential. Like Smoothie machine, sealing machine, ice machine, water purifier, etc.. And some are not every day must be applied, these facilities in accordance with their aptitude.

three, material expenditure

pizza shop because of the differences in the cost of materials is also different from the root causes, indeed, by the headquarters of the higher cost of distribution, but the quality of the product is guaranteed, so it is good by the special distribution.

four, renovation expenses and rent

decoration expenses depending on the size of the store and the size of the company, the rent has to be a thorough supervision of the surface

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