What are the sources of entrepreneurial ideas


What are the sources of entrepreneurial ideas

if just thinking about entrepreneurship, not even how to start, what aspects of the business, set up his own business in any industry, these are absolutely ignorant of words, how to ensure business success? Thus, entrepreneurship is the first choice of entrepreneurial ideas, then the source of entrepreneurial ideas which?

Many ideas and ideas from

A, upgrade. That is, for existing products and services, re design improvements. Two, tidal type. To follow the trend of new trends, such as e-commerce and the internet. Three, research. That entrepreneurs need to have a systematic research and analysis, in order to find entrepreneurial opportunities. Four, random type. That coincidence, occasional days. Random ideas and ideas.

some business ideas, attributed to coincidence, the so-called "gander". However, experts on creative thinking, creativity is just the tip of the iceberg, not the usual hard work, the opportunity will not be such a coincidence. Millions of people saw the apple fall, but only Newton could produce the gravity of the association. The so-called coincidence or sixth sense intuition, mainly because the entrepreneurs on weekdays develop environmental change detection of keen observation, therefore, to form an idea of foresight.

there are four sources of business ideas, if we let you go on the road of entrepreneurship, how would you dig your idea? Do you know where your entrepreneurial path begins? Is it possible to achieve great success?

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