What is the trick to set up a stall selling clothing


What is the trick to set up a stall selling clothing

shop in the current business has also become a lot of people in the choice, but the cost of investment is too large, too high entrepreneurial risk, so that most people can not afford. So, to set up a stall selling clothes in the current help investors to achieve a more entrepreneurial dream. However, no matter what kind of investment to do business, want a hot business, it will need the relevant tips. Then, a street vendor selling clothing what tricks?

Li stall, he was off to do 8 years, stall clothing is more familiar with the routine, he didn't stall full-time, do other work, pendulum way special, he started from the morning, a van, all around looking for a place to put the car around during the day, guerrilla, night have a fixed pitch in the commercial street night market, night market stalls, 2000 a month, the popularity is also good, a shed, three folding table, folding table and sometimes put to sell, sometimes put on sale.

his stall selling model is to sell goods piled mountain crowd, he put the children's clothing, women's, men's mixed together, but do not sell those neat stack stalls, so the night inside, his stall is always very special, others did not always stall his stall around people, he called field and yes, business has been good.

he said he used to do fair very hard, will be up to 10 days for a place, a month normally run three different city, of course, sometimes go to the township, with the car on the night to make money on the homely food, but he felt that the pendulum stalls happiness within, and do the same store that is important position, the first position, so to get the price of such position, he felt very value.

There is a

next to him and like him better than his size and position, the point is 4500 a month, he had a chance to do, but it is just not worth the time, too long, it can almost put stall stall, but the business in general, than to the guerrilla, he love to do I had the cost because it is not interference, is not afraid of what the city, heart is not so tired. But it is not popular during the day, do not run well.

set up a stall selling clothes are cheap, pay attention to the price, Mike felt now the standard of living is good, the price is not completely the factors of price ratio of clothes, sometimes better than cheap to sell, now customers feel good will pay, so the channel is very important, many stall said what this tip that tips he thinks are false, stall on the two, one is the location, the two is the location of the supply, supply natural money easily, a lot of people are buying and selling things, and now people generally the goods you want to frighten by mouth, is not so easy. Of course, except for special goods.

sells clothes in the stall on the mouth, to make money. You have to say, the mouth does not stop that one.

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