What are the procedures required to open the car chain stores


What are the procedures required to open the car chain stores

house is a lot of people buy a car can do, now the people's consumption capacity are constantly improving, many people are car owners, now with the economic rise, many people have the ability to buy a car, so the number of cars on the market is gradually increasing, now more and more car wash, car wash industry related investment projects is also very popular, so the car chain stores what procedures need to open investment? Many believe this is for investment in car chain stores who want to know? Here follow Xiaobian together to see it.

this procedure is not difficult, as long as you can grasp some of the process, it will be very easy to solve the problem. Open car chain stores and other chain stores are different, want to start washing chain stores, where the vehicle needs to go to the irrigation management office or where city environmental management center to apply for acceptance of work, open chain stores who submit relevant information must be ready. What is a bid to wash station required to submit the application materials:

1, a copy of legal person qualification certificate

2, engaged in urban vehicle cleaning station written application

3, business license

4, the city planning department approved the site submissions or proof of ownership and lease agreement 5, construction, operation of the source of funds and the relevant letter of credit 6, the completion of the project acceptance information and equipment installation acceptance report

7, sewage and sludge treatment process and other environmental protection measures, car washing site shall obtain the approval documents of the Department of environmental protection, the need to obtain approval documents, the traffic control department of the municipal water, by the specific approval handling clear 8, cleaning services, technology and adapt to the scale of operation and selection of main equipment, related facilities and equipment the description of the material and the appearance of 9 photos, staff and service standards, rules and regulations.

thank you for your patience can read this article, we hope to help entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is the most important to adhere to, above is said, in the understanding of the above introduction, whether you for this problem more? Do you see here, try some hope? You don't miss a good project.

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