Windfall coffee shop, the by-product of the most suction gold


Windfall coffee shop, the by-product of the most suction gold

coffee shop to drink coffee has become a modern way of daily leisure. Especially recently, the debate about the price of Starbucks coffee once again pushed the public view. How much does a small cup of coffee hide? How does the coffee shop manager look at the price of coffee?.

yuan per capita consumption of coffee

when it comes to the cafe, to give you a first impression is of high consumption, why? The reporter read in a coffee shop ordering book, a cup of coffee prices between 25-35 yuan, Fresh Juice, tea prices in 20-40 yuan. In addition, a cafe with a total of 5 pages of the menu as an example, the Schwarzwald cake, cookies, chips and other kinds of pine nuts snacks pastry, it takes up a lot of space, the basic price between 15-30 yuan.


for average earners, this is not a small number. "I think the cafe is a luxurious place, at least two people to seventy or eighty, generally 28-35 yuan a cup of coffee, each point at least have 20 yuan. If you order something else, it's more expensive." Mr. Cao said.

"coffee culture" to attract customers

coffee "by-product" more suction gold

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