To share the tips of the store to buy tips


To share the tips of the store to buy tips

when we buy things, sometimes have to send gifts, it is also a good means of marketing, so that consumers feel earned, according to the survey: just experienced a golden season popular industry told us that now: "discount" rather than "buy gifts" pricing indeed, plus a special gift, to do the connotation of "affective", it can adapt to more and more people the pursuit of "spiritual pleasure" psychological satisfaction. The following tips to share with you the store business gifts:

gifts tips: gifts to fine

gifts is not fine, how pleasant? Only boutique to win customers love, only love. Some consumers is fancy gifts to purchase behavior, such as "buy send pearl casket which is not pleasing.

gifts tips: to have a high utilization rate of

gifts are generally low value consumables, such as gifts, catering to the housewife's appetite, so very popular. If the gifts hand after one time has not been used, it would be "free" to the enterprise, the consumer is a waste. Enterprise customers a waste of time, waste of money, after all, in the long run.

gift purchase skills: to weight

gifts can not be too arbitrary or no sincerity, consumers will want to buy, but if it is too expensive, may cause the cost is too high, so to grasp a degree, gift itself is packed with feelings items, if because of quality problems for customers to be bullied, it The loss outweighs the gain.. Do not think that "gift" is "send", you can free. The gifts of quality is not only a national regulation, quality gifts rings represent the business reputation, there is a relationship between life and death and the leading products and enterprises. Quality is the gift to buy the cost.

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