Shop to do business to customers alike


Shop to do business to customers alike

now set up shop because of the fierce competition, it is more and more difficult to do, and in order to attract customers, different bosses will naturally take different strategies. The shop business people know to treat customers alike, everybody. Some shop owners in order to retain customers, to customers to offer, let the customer, this is no ground for blame. But if the man under Caidie, treat customers into various grades and ranks, low level, it will cause customer dissatisfaction. Over time, the customer will be away from you.

relatives gave me a tree of Northeast ginseng, let me drink wine. And has repeatedly stated it is best to use pure food wine, even in the shop will also sell bulk food wine blending wine better than. Send relatives, I took a 5 litre plastic bucket to a grocery store and buy bulk wine. The shop owner was very enthusiastic to receive me, to introduce a variety of bulk grain wine again. I'm interested in 45 degrees of cellar incense spring. The shop owner looked at, busy with wine provided let me taste in a small cup.

I took a sip, the taste is good, ready to buy. I asked the shop owner: "how much is it?" Shop owner said: 6.5 yuan a pound, I let the shop owner to give me hit 5 pounds. As I was about to pay my bills, I came in with a middle-aged man. They should be familiar with the old customers. The shop owner very quickly to the middle-aged man in a plastic bucket full of 5 pounds of wine, a middle-aged man neatly put 30 dollars on the table turned away.

I suddenly Leng, 6.5 yuan a pound, it should be $32.5 ah, how middle-aged man gave only $30? With doubts, I asked the shop owner: you do not say 6.5 yuan a pound Mody, how he gave you $30?" The shop owner on the face a little embarrassed, said: "because the eldest brother in my shop all year round to buy liquor, so we have a discount on the old customers." I'm sorry to hear from the shopkeeper. You shop to do business is fair and impartial, equally.

just because he is an old customer, the same as two guests, this will make the new customers think? So, I said to the shop owner: "give me the price". The boss is reluctant to face, repeatedly explained that the provisions of the store, the old customers have a discount. See the shop owner refused to let price, I say: "you pour it back, I do not buy." I did not buy, the shopkeeper smiled and said: "as the price for you". Out of the house and grocery store, I never had to buy something.


. That day, I went to a grocery store to buy things often go shopping. Into the store, just a customer in the selection of electric cooker. Judging from the conversation between the shopkeeper and the customer, the young man is a new customer. Customers pay the finished goods after the payment, the owner and the counter out of a beautiful pendant of keys of young men said: "the first time you come to my store, send you a small gift, remember often come after. >

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