The new channel music founder Zhang Qi entrepreneurial history


The new channel music founder Zhang Qi entrepreneurial history

manufacturing Chinese can be said over temporarily, but now it faces no small crisis, so once in the manufacturing business a lot of friends began to find another way out, Zhang Qi is one of them, she felt she must protect their years of accumulation of wealth.

in China's household consumption upgrade under the background of education consumption is the core consumer point of growth, and in many consumer education, English belongs to the rigid demand elasticity of demand less. In addition, education is a higher degree of marketization of the industry, both in terms of the policy threshold or a mature copy of the business model, is a good choice."

for his new career is about to start, Zhang Qi had a high expectation. At the time of the site, he was determined to find the most suitable location. "The best thing to do is to be the standard of being a man." Zhang Qi eventually locked in the center of the department store over 400 square meters of space. This address is surrounded by high-end residential. However, sometime. Due to the high standard of Zhang Qi in the investment period, Zhang Qi began to feel the pressure from the cost, high rent plus personnel costs, spending over 70 thousand a month.

"I can't forget to give my support staff at that time, they told me the difficulty is temporary, rewarding. If there is a problem with money, wages can be owed. We all hope that the music will continue to do the cause of English, Zhang Qi recalls. While many send music the family also gave him a start on the road is recommended

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