Open a clothing store should bear in mind a few taboos


Open a clothing store should bear in mind a few taboos

garment industry and catering industry has always been two directions many investors choose today, mainly for everyone is talking about clothing knowledge, apparel market is large, there are many entrepreneurs are choosing to open clothing store, but do not underestimate this line of clothing, seemingly simple, dry up to know is not easy, especially want to do a small shop. Let Xiaobian tell you a little about the clothing store taboo:

clothing store taboo 1, remember that the more expensive the goods do not sell

commodity prices do not decline may not only expensive, to a certain extent, as long as the money will be sold, both earn many little to meet, if wait for high price, nine out of ten to suffer.

open clothing store taboo 2, no guts

as the saying goes, as long as seven can take action, three * the rest of you for not grasping caries failing determination, don't miss the opportunity to gain the business to make money in the know as sure as a gun is not much.

open clothing store taboo 3, do not sit and other guest

business does not run not to live, the commodity market is constantly changing, commodity exchanges pay attention to timeliness, difficult to see take off the door. Only run, in order to know the market information, identify the opportunity to profit.

open clothing store taboo 4, save the money

earned after no longer willing to put the money into a living dead money, only insatiable, constantly expanding business scale, development and expansion of their business to strive for further improvement.

open clothing store taboo 5, people how to do I dry

lack of creative spirit, always with the others behind, being led by the nose, others take charge of the finished, you do have little profit or nowhere. Only the first step to occupy the market in order to win.

opened a clothing store, is not afraid of deep alley taboo 6

many people only pay attention to production and do not pay attention to marketing, something good that natural people come, this is passive sales tools. Only actively soliciting, expand the influence, can turnover and profit.

clothing store opened in 7,

of the taboo

also has a small business small business benefits, at least it is not what the insurance industry, investment risk, and even fail, there will be a great loss, look down on small gains, to bite into the fat, so can not never made a fortune. Only from small to large, slowly Many a little make a mickle., step by step, and finally to climb the peak of wealth.

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