taly ten men’s clothing brand list


taly ten men’s clothing brand list

speaking of men's brand, if you are only limited to those domestic brands, you can really are derailed, because in the men's clothing market, with some brand top brands in Italy, but visibility is very high. According to a sample survey of the American Institute in luxury Regal, the world's top ten men's brand, the brand of Italy accounted for 8 seats, and Versace tied Tom Ford standing behind a Italy tailor. The Italians know about his men -- "a defect of the tailor of Italy trying to cover the wearer, try to make a man look slimmer, more elegant, more tall, God who can make up for the wrong committed."

while this may be an exaggeration, but also point out the Italy clothing to be based on the key experimental world, which is different from the French fashion, purely commercial is different from American fashion, it should have superb production technology, excellent workmanship and novel fabric design and relatively simple real wear. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten men's clothing brand in Italy, so you have a greater understanding of the men's market.

Italy ten men's clothing brand NO.1, top luxury: Brioni

stands for the Rome style Brioni, which has the support of Annan and ·, such as, and from the beginning of the era of the · the era, the Brioni is locked in 007 of the time in the. This is a vector of tailor-made brand recently is to enter the field of luxury sportswear, and in the recent Saks Fifth Avenue opened their first store. Behoove, Brioni is considered to be the most valuable brand.

Italy ten men's clothing brand NO.2, a standard: Ermenegildo Zegna


Italy men's clothing is always unable to circumvent the Zegna do not talk, and even can be said that the entire Italy fashion industry, is standing on the shoulders of Zegna. For business men who don't need to wear too much of their aesthetic taste, the quality of men simply means fit and advanced fabrics. As the leading supplier of Italy fabric industry, Zegna has become the brand of high quality fabric. In the business of great success, but also makes Zegna become a lot of designer brand fabric suppliers. Tom Ford self-reliance hill, the first to get support there will be Zegna.

Italy ten men's clothing brand NO.3, simple and exquisite: Giorgio Armani

if the United States CalvinKlein, Ralph >

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