Operating fruit milk tea shop can make money


Operating fruit milk tea shop can make money

[fruit wheat milk join profit analysis]

fruit milk tea to join the number of fruit and milk tea is also called the franchise fee franchise fees, the need for 21800 yuan, the cost is not to tell the truth, not the lowest in the beverage industry, but it is not the highest. In addition to the initial fee, others also need to deposit 5000, this is after the return, the equipment investment of about 30 thousand words, specifically to see what size need to store equipment, material fee according to the store business, ranging from 1-3 million, renovation costs will according to the actual situation of the settlement, in general 700-1000 per square. All of a sudden put so much money, some friends may feel a little more, but as long as you look at our profit margins will not feel more, please refer to the cost of joining

Operation analysis of

fruit milk tea

average gross profit: 60-65%

net interest rate: 20-30%

investment recovery period: 8-12 months (depending on operating performance)

fruit milk tea to join venture capital

technology transfer fee: 2-3 million (depending on region)

contract margin: 10 thousand (contract expires return)

decoration project cost: 2.5-3.8 million (according to the actual amount of settlement)

machine equipment fee: 70 thousand -8 million (according to the actual amount of settlement)

first picking costs: 5 thousand -1 million (according to the actual settlement amount)

fruit milk tea education and training

7-10 days of education and training (2 or more)

bar operation

operating cost control

report digital management

machine equipment maintenance and repair

customer relationship and employee management

[fruit wheat tea join advantage]

1, a strong brand support: more than 100 fruit milk tea stores, each is a strong testimony of the brand.

2, innovative design team: professional store design, packaging design

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