Research on real estate marketing model based on user behavior


Research on real estate marketing model based on user behavior


The real estate regulation of

from the beginning of the 10 years of the entire real estate industry pushed in the teeth of the storm, the tightening of bank loans, the purchase order is frequent, so the real estate industry in a. The network of public opinion as one falls, another rises netizens taut nerves, and prices to so called rigid demand whirling, buyers have to wait, wait, the real estate market is a ups and downs, tragic killing.

in this context, the real estate business how to conduct reasonable publicity, optimize the development of marketing channels to enhance the efficiency of cross media publicity, stand out in many projects

traditional media delivery mode obviously can not adapt to the current situation. If the time back to a few years ago, when the buyers are still very simple, holding now do not buy more expensive later mentality, see TV, newspapers, magazines, advertising the event bus station will be crazy to the sales department.

its user purchase behavior can be simply understood as:

informed of the real estate information (advertising, reputation) - site Kanlou - buy


of course, in the event of a link to the acquisition of real estate, many developers, including intermediary companies have already tried to increase the network and hard to put in a wide range, has a better promotional effect. And if your understanding of customer behavior is still in the process, the outcome will be tragic. Now the purchase behavior has undergone tremendous changes.

internet almost affects the user from the acquisition of real estate information to the final formation of the whole process of purchase.

informed of the real estate information (advertising, search, word of mouth) - the first Internet search - site Kanlou - second Internet search - buy


More than

of the process, from the customer informed of the purchase of real estate information to the final purchase, which plays a key role in the network search two steps, and the emergence of these two steps in the user behavior of different time periods and differences.

first online search to solve the problem is to understand the basic information of the property, its basic attributes (location, price, size) is in the scope of customer considerations. In short, the question of whether to go to the floor.

second Internet search to solve the problem is that the value of this property is not worth buying. That's why you don't want to buy.

based on the changes in user behavior, network marketing again (for the first time, such as the vertical real estate sites such as wantonly selling its website advertising) has become a hot topic of real estate business. And in the past by putting a hard wide single network marketing model, apparently unable to adapt to new changes in user behavior.

is based on changes in user behavior, and the Internet in the different stages of user behavior to play different

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