Adsense Venture Competition 99


Adsense Venture Competition 99

      this is the network self occupied northeast tiger future Internet business competition 99, only initial quasi owners of mutual exchange and discussion.

      any website, no matter when, it will always face competition, usually, the competition can be divided into two kinds: the reality of competition and potential competition. (we only talk about the competition between web sites for the service end of the Internet)

      first, realistic competition

      determine the competitors, we can consider from two aspects.

      1, from strategic competition.  

      seek competitive advantage from market demand. Any website market share cannot reach 100 percent, even though it occupied the absolute proportion, but the market is growing, it may not be able to occupy in the future, we usually say the first is only relatively speaking. If the market is large enough or future growth potential, even if the Red Sea competition, we can also try. Of course, we have to enter into the first three, because the first three competition is the most intense, and their competition will be more concentrated and similar. This time is precisely our opportunity, we will not compete with them in the same point of competition. In this area or market share, there must be no or ignore the first three sites or ignore the market gaps or service gaps. We just need to find it and make it bigger and stronger. When you really bigger and stronger, when the first three found too late. Then to do is either according to the actual situation of their comprehensive continue to become bigger and stronger; or just leave, the appropriate time will be the site of good price sold before three, continue to look for the top three under a weakness.

      2, competition from the details.
      if you are close to the top three websites, and potential competition in the end if necessary, because must be in the same market, the same competition to competition, we have to do to get the details from the breakthrough. Whether it is a product or service based website, whether it is online or offline combination of the site, have to face the terminal service audience - Internet users. The comprehensive use of Internet users experience determines how far you can go. Very few sites can step in doing many websites need to perfect in every respect, revision, adjustment, including the portal site also is so, because users demand is dynamic, and guide users to cater to you at any time. We start from the details, as long as you put your heart, you will be able to identify the soft web site competitors

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