Robin Li geek is the most understand me


Robin Li geek is the most understand me

January 15, 2017, Baidu chairman Robin Li in five years fourth times in the park geeks Innovation Conference on the stage.

organizers to reporters in advance to ask questions to ask Robin Li, the highest number of votes is also why always you". Robin Li's answer was "real": "I don't like to go out and talk about it. I think the geek is the most understand me, so I am old."


for geeks, Robin Li is defined as: a geek is a pioneer in the field of new technology is the most sensitive to technological evolution, but also the most willing to try new things, even in the face of others are not optimistic about things, geeks have the ability to change, "geeks look bad will say how I put it change is good, this is a kind of spiritual geek". Robin Li believes that many of the current applications of artificial intelligence are at such a stage: geeks are using "geek spirit" of the artificial intelligence has become more perfect, in his opinion "AI this time is the best time for geeks".


2014, Robin Li had on this occasion to put forward his suggestion: "geeks Chinese geeks are in a very critical period, can be said to go to a T-junction, need to make some transformation." Enter the era of artificial intelligence, the definition of geek and the future may change.


entered the era of artificial intelligence, the definition of geek and the future may change. Engineer Robin Li is a machine language of the computer era do after the invention of the computer, C language, JAVA language learning belong to the human machine language, and the era of artificial intelligence is replaced by machine learning of human language. Robin Li believes that this change will bring new opportunities for geeks, because now in artificial intelligence technology blowout stage, "if a geek find their own interest, areas of expertise, to explore these opportunities, I think the mobile Internet era than, far more than the PC Internet era opportunities."



Zhang Peng said: the presence of AI as you may, all products have to rethink, because of the way have changed, what should we do? What do you do next? I can learn a language, which language is more popular recently, learn a language, now the rise of AI, our future

what will happen?

Robin Li: Actually I think AI this time is the best time for geeks. AI is now in a blowout stage and it can be seen in many applications, but it has not yet been achieved. The so-called geek in my opinion, is in fact the new technology in the field of early adopter (Pioneer), they are the most sensitive to the evolution of technology, they also.

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