Luxury electricity supplier to survive the investigation of the supply of sediment in the hunger gam


Luxury electricity supplier to survive the investigation of the supply of sediment in the hunger gam

every reporter Tao force from Shanghai

domestic business platform successive U.S. listing, really boost morale, one look at the numbers, the luxury business industry for more than 30% of the increase is not pessimistic about the development of the overall sales of luxury goods market also seems to have a huge space. However, this year, the emergence of the enjoyment of luxury goods and other electricity providers closed down, but let the industry had to calm down thinking - market demand is no problem, it is a business model out of the question?

The deadly

supply problems mentioned hitherto unknown height, no official authorized luxury brands, luxury electric providers how to find a way to survive in the cracks of consumers and brands in the


sample 1


enjoy the death of the network reflects the luxury electricity supplier fatal supply embarrassment

enjoy the network fell, never to climb up.

the company was founded less than 3 years of luxury electric business website, on-line 1 months to get Saif funds invest millions of dollars, or even pull Merchants Bank for the site, but in the end of May this year, a complete end to operate the site.

May 27th, enjoy the network's CEO Ren Ke Fei declared in its micro-blog: in the general manager of the Shanghai wall and the identity of the shareholders have been flourishing Agel Ecommerce Ltd in October 2013 all turn out, VIP exclusive network change management operations, after all operating conditions, I shall not be aware of.

, the daily economic news reporter through the record information found in the enjoyment of the network more than the domain names are now unable to visit, and its official micro-blog since September 24, 2012 will no longer update.

, as Yan Yan, an investment partner in Asia, said: "get the investment, only to prove that you have been recognized by an investor, does not mean that the market has been recognized, does not mean that has been successful."

fact, enjoy the network's fall is not the case, in recent years most of the ill fated luxury electric business website, or have closed, or select a painful transition.

The banks stand helpless behind

at the beginning of November 2007, the Alibaba (scroll information) B2B business listed in H shares, set off a hot domestic entrepreneurship. In this boom, in 2008 the luxury industry with its high customer price and target customers purchasing power, inspired the Chinese luxury electricity supplier model bud.

2010, along with the entire electricity supplier entrepreneurial tide of fermentation, luxury electricity providers have sprung up, the capital is also touted.

enjoy the network is one of them. August 2011, enjoy online line, providing luxury goods, fashion fashion clothes, skin care and other online shopping services. Only a month later, the Asia Pacific Fund will rush to inject $10 million.

as a luxury electricity supplier companies, the main problem facing the network is to be honored to be called

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