Why do companies want to buy high priced domain names


Why do companies want to buy high priced domain names

since last year, the domain name market frequent business enterprise buying the domain name of the case, the more famous case last year the acquisition of Taobao Tmall.com, Sina's acquisition of Weibo.com and JD.com, this year the acquisition of Jingdong is fast and easy to buy yixun.com. Of course, these enterprises are big Internet companies, for them, these are a drop in the bucket. But for the look of a meter of the domain name investors, these are basically astronomical meters. What business is not "two hundred and fifty", why they are most willing to buy these for us to say the price domain? After reading this article you will understand.


everyone in the consciousness of good domain are basically: digit short, easy to remember the spelling, has certain meaning, catchy. Such as: weibo.com, yixun.com, so.com, etc.. But in the acquisition of the "good" domain name, but also has other meaning. For example, the acquisition of a good Com domain names often need to spend expensive prices, but after the success of the acquisition of the positive marketing significance is often not the same as other enterprises in the industry. For example, the acquisition of 360.Com domain so.com said prices in the 8-9 between the 360 digits, but the search on-line, the market share of almost 10%, and became the second largest search engine, soso, Sogou let a buddy both surprise and stay.


Sina micro-blog can get such a big success, a large part of the original decision depends on the high price of the acquisition of weibo.com domain name. It is said that micro-blog was popular at the time, micro-blog QQ, Sina micro-blog is the micro-blog than meet as equals, NetEase and Sohu micro-blog is bursting with popularity, but after weibo.com was acquired by Sina, the effect made against. Soon after, the consciousness of people, Sina micro-blog is the orthodox micro-blog, Tencent for micro-blog QQ huge user group hard to maintain a position of the second industry, NetEase and Sohu completely reduced to the main soy sauce. The purpose is to prove that it is really important to have a legitimate domain name, which can affect the hidden meaning of consumption, the morale of competitors, and consolidate their position in this field. This is why QQ micro-blog and Sina to compete for the new top-level domain name suffix.Weibo reasons.


Internet is more interesting things constantly, often occur. Big brands also have big brand troubles, such as the first domestic search brand Baidu appeared Baidu brand condoms and Baidu barbecue scandal. If a product of fraudulent use of the Baidu brand, they may steal joy, after all, can make Baidu a reputation. However, this reputation does not look good, said Baidu and roadside selling mutton string without any intersection. Domain name >

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