nformation security risks or lead to express business license revoked


nformation security risks or lead to express business license revoked

the last period, due to the information on the express orders leaked to users caused distress cases are reported, this phenomenon is expected to improve in the future. The "daily economic news" reporter yesterday (December 18th) learned from the State Post Bureau website, in the whole system of television and telephone conference held recently, the State Post Bureau will carry out special operations to combat leaks recently, delivery service information, maintenance of civil communication secrets and personal information security, to ensure stable and healthy development of the industry.

information disclosure spawned interest chain

the "daily economic news" published in November 7th "a number of courier companies selling" customer information has been reported, according to express order information is being leaked a large area, and even spawned a more specialized trading express a single number information website.

in the "Amoy 114 single" and "single" website, express a single number information is the price tag, the price from 0.4 yuan to 2 yuan, and with the "single bottom generation (send a couplet)" and other supporting services. These transactions were trading website, express a single number includes a number of courier companies from Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, rhyme, "Amoy single 114" also wrote "number from around the courier".

concern is that these leaked express order information, in addition to being used in Taobao brush drill, may also be used in the manufacture of "fake package" of fraud and other illegal activities. In fact, caused by the leakage of information express a single burglary case in the newspapers from time to time.

express order information exchange, has become a huge chain of interest. "Amoy single 114" website, each scan number issued price of 1 yuan, each scan number issued price of 0.4 yuan ~0.5 yuan. If the "agent", 5 minutes can be issued 2000 order information. Amoy single 114 site itself by charging service fees profit.

published reports, caused great concern in all sectors of society and express industry. Relevant departments of the police call the daily economic news, said it had begun to track and investigate this closely. The reporters found that many information express a single transactions website were shut down.

comprehensive investigation of information security risks

at the end of last month, the Ministry of transport has just released the "express market management approach (Revised Draft)", the management measures proposed for disclosure of user information courier companies, will be fined 5000 yuan to 30000 yuan fine. In addition, the person directly responsible for more than 1000 yuan imposed a fine of less than 5000 yuan.

, deputy director of the State Post Bureau Liu Jun said in the future, postal administrations at all levels should concentrate on the comprehensive investigation of information security delivery enterprise, rooting out vulnerabilities. On the problems of the enterprises, issued a rectification notice in writing; for rectification is not in place, do not have the condition, information security is not suitable for continue delivery services, to.

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