Merchants 2007 Shanghai nternet grassroots Conference


Merchants 2007 Shanghai nternet grassroots Conference

Merchants: 2007 Shanghai Internet grassroots conference


- Grassroots talent shows itself

by the Shanghai Owners Association, Wang Chenyun (honorary president of Swp) the general planning of "2007 Shanghai grassroots Internet Conference, convened by the end of 2007 big party grassroots webmaster. The theme of the conference: "grassroots grassroots talent shows itself". This will be the grassroots website as the protagonist of the big internet annual event.

organizers are invited to the well-known Internet users, the success of grassroots webmaster do in-depth dialogue at the scene, listen to the experience of Internet operations, mining business model, thinking about how to profit in 2008 grassroots website.

grassroots assembly in the preparatory stage, the need for financial support. Now to the owners of the target group of customers to invest in a wide range of businesses, collecting organizers (up to 2 places), CO organizers, sponsors, etc.. Multi win, in order to jointly run grassroots conference as the basis for cooperation. Interested parties can negotiate with the organizing committee, after consultation, the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly will develop a targeted, high commercial value of the content and interests of cooperation.

: Shanghai Owners Association (Swp)
- Theme: Grassroots talent shows itself in time: December 22, 2007 (Provisional)
welcome to negotiate cooperation, thank you!



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