How to develop and survive


How to develop and survive

      with the continuous development of the Internet, the website now innumerable. Whether it is a station or a commercial site, are too many, but some of the stations are successful income, and from a station to a commercial site. But there are quite a few stations close to the door because of the problem of survival.
      I am also a personal webmaster, a pretty bird. My station, we are also thought to have no prospects for the future development of the web site, but I have to. You may ask why, why do you have to work hard to know that there is no future. So I can only say that I do the ultimate purpose of the site is not the station. But I do understand from the station, why a lot of personal web site is not very good development and survival? My personal view, now the webmaster not together, go to promote the development of the Internet, every webmaster only their own interests, many owners have no moral, do not respect the labor of others. As in the promotion, do links, just want to get traffic from other people's station, but do not want to stand on their own traffic to the past to others, so that the station is not suitable for the station. There is now a large flow site but refused to drive new sites to develop.

      we all know that the development of a station in order to drive the development of a site, in order to create the Internet, the owners of a blue sky. In this way, the development of personal webmaster, in order to have a larger space, the survival of the individual webmaster to long.

      hear a lot of friends are talking about, how to make our stand, how to survive?. We may say every day, and now, the site is difficult to develop ah. But we can not think about how to unite, develop together, and work together for the future of the internet.

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