With the help of P and the network of red logic network literature in the lake can also be free and


With the help of P and the network of red logic network literature in the lake can also be free and

Abstract: the true value of online literature is not how many readers are paying for your reading, but how many fans are watching and how much influence it has on your work.


see Baidu, or stick it."

April 25th, the Southern Metropolis Daily an article entitled "network writers report Post Bar piracy network literature" reports, the BAT of Baidu to a public opinion in the teeth of the storm. The report pointed out that Baidu Post Bar "uxorilocal DT." there are uploaded by users without copyright authorized pirated content. In response to this, Baidu Post Bar released an official statement, said the investigation has been carried out immediately, and within 12 hours to clear the contents of the infringement.

because it is close to the international copyright day, the event once again raised public awareness of the issue of copyright protection of network literature. As far as I am concerned, in this round of public opinion, we have from Baidu Post Bar piracy, extended to the copyright protection of the network literature, and even the network literature is the ultimate topic of the free or paid.

really. "Cure the disease rather than the symptoms", strengthen the supervision platform, strict control of piracy, this is only temporary, and can not completely eliminate piracy. Because the root of Post Bar, QQ and WeChat platform pirated content is that a large part of readers love "free" content, but not willing to pay to read, which led directly to the breeding of piracy. "".

so, with the continuous development of the network of ecological literature, network literature is the free or pay it today, we also discuss this issue.

payment and piracy

CCTV news recently for the issue of piracy in the network literature, interviewed a tall building called network writer. Edifice admitted that he began writing in 2004, currently has more than 1600 works of words words, cumulative hits more than fifty million genuine works. But from the upload their own first works, like the same lingering ghost pirate. Even, he is also the site to the CCTV news reporter live again: upload your latest work section to pay site, less than 2 minutes by post piracy.

tall buildings told CCTV reporter, pirated literature has formed a complete industrial chain, there are often people stare at the famous writer's work update time. In order to minimize the losses caused by piracy for himself, there was a well-known network literature writers take the first false article, then send to pirate sites and works really playing hide and seek, the annoyance of those engaged in piracy literature "Li Gui". "Piracy people really in his book, directly open posts in the Post said, after no matter how you anti piracy, as long as you pass this section to a really within two minutes, I will have you stolen this."

can imagine, the network literature piracy has formed a very mature industry chain. According to iResearch

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