Honey bud micro business platform completely independent and women’s Federation


Honey bud micro business platform completely independent and women’s Federation

July 27th news, honey bud incubator mother distribution platform, mom m plan has been officially launched in the near future. According to the mother meter aspect, it will completely separate from the honey bud operation, the current number of registrations has more than 100 thousand. In addition, Mommy plan development and the national foundation for women to achieve cooperation, one can expand the resource distribution as the mother, on the other hand there are some mother brand suppliers can be directly used as the mother settled in meters.


mommy to disclose billion state power network, although the mother meters individual sellers version of App has been used to invite code registration, the registration number has exceeded 100 thousand, the line on the first day of a variety of goods sold out of stock, including one from the United States, biting the rubber ball, all sold out 1000 pieces of goods within one hour. Is expected in early August, Mommy merchant version of APP will also be on the seller the application market, will increase the wholesale stockpile and other functions, to provide better service for senior sellers. At present in the background queue to invite the invitation code has reached 1000 senior sellers.

billion state power network also learned that the mother rice has been formally with the foundation of the @ she business plan to achieve cooperation, to provide resources for the National Women's Federation mother plan, the two will be in the country 31 provinces and autonomous regions in the three or four line of the city to carry out the recruitment of female entrepreneurship training and guidance to shop.

women's foundation will use the National Women's Federation in the network, the women in the community site, kindergarten, preschool, maternal and child health hospital and other transportation channels for accurate mother group Mommy plan, through free training Mommy plan, so mom can be a key to open shop in the mother, even create their own brand. Among the first batch of pilot cooperation in August, including Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Fujian, four provinces of the more than 1 thousand women's site, the women's Federation and the mother rice program will jointly organize professional training to provide one-stop service for her mother to start a business.

according to the mother meters planning, there has been some women's groups will be recommended by the mother brand, mother settled meter platform for distribution, such as from Yunnan rainforest air cleaning products, from Guizhou and Xinjiang and other red dates from miaoxiu.

it is understood that the major electricity providers are also exploring similar distribution channels. Vip.com's enjoyment of the first phase of the opening of the 5000 registered users, by sharing with a commission. Jingdong and pat micro shop is mainly serving third party businesses to encourage businesses to open micro shop, build their own WeChat public number, the use of social means to improve business sales. The United States has been in the online store honey, but honey shop is currently embedded in the United States shopping APP "I".

honey bud PR responsible person said that the mother meter is the priority among priorities of honey bud 2016 year strategy, Ma m and honey bud do independent cutting on the platform, mommy to sell goods from the packaging no words honey bud, in addition to the hope that the honey bud does not disturb the mother and mother meters sales ecology. It will be take charge as chief of the C2C platform.

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