Pirate Bay co-founder Sund do not care about the site shut down


Pirate Bay co-founder Sund do not care about the site shut down

September 28, 2010, the Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Ostersund in the Swedish court of appeal for Stockholm

NetEase science and technology news December 12th news, on Tuesday, BT seed site Bay (Pirate Bay) server was sacked by Swedish police, until early in the morning is still not open. Sunde, one of the co founders of the site, is not concerned about whether the Pirate Bay will revive again (Peter).

claims that he is no longer involved in the operation of the site. In a blog post, he claimed that the Pirate Bay is now in the face of the original is not consistent with the original, and the current operators of the site is no longer the idea of the founder of the matter.

"Pirate Bay was again raided by the police. A raid occurred in eight years ago, at that time, many people took to the streets to protest. Today, few people care, and I am one of them, "he wrote.

2009, the other three co founders of the Pirate Bay, a Ostersund and accused of copyright infringement and sentenced to imprisonment for one year. In 2011, Ostersund and Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij launched a legitimate Web site BayFiles, the site was closed in November this year.

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Ostersund saying, now the operation of the Pirate Bay are "do not have the soul of the people", they put more and more advertisements "into the site, defiled the purity of the pirate bay.

thought it would be a pleasure to think that the Pirate Bay would be closed forever, and it would be a shame to operate the pirate bay." He wrote. (Cao Jianfeng)

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