Community mode of revelation CM a new way of God, models and dialogue


Community mode of revelation CM a new way of God, models and dialogue


thanks to the contribution of Le frog team (the author is the founder of Le frog Zhao Li, director of music frog Internet Director Wei Lee). This article is the second edition of the "interpretation of the CM and CM to learn the maximization of the value of community model applications". There are contributors to the needs of developers can email to [email protected]

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social marketing this era, it was said: stand on the pig can fly up the air blowing times". Of course, this is not an exaggerated statement. This is an era of what? Internet companies began to make mobile phone, mobile phone companies began to do the Internet, doing software to do mobile phone applications, a combination of these are the times of the witness, this is the hot burning mobile Internet industry, the Internet and social operation mode which is unanimously optimistic about is have a fever. The huge commercial potential and more and more enterprises have invested to behind the community model of mining social marketing brings. We hope that other people's success can be copied, in fact, behind every success there are a lot of hidden worth pondering. We hope that through the CyanogenMod (CM) in the community service model in-depth application of the team to explore and discover which we can learn and learn from.

Bryant -- community service model core pillar

in the CM community, active in such a group of people, they are the hearts of the brush ROM fancier "God", this is called "God" opinion leaders, in their fancier status is supreme, are not allowed to have any of them has been violated. Often they use social networking platform Twitter, Facebook, CM, XDA-forum on the release of their community in a model for the above ROM, the launch of a modified function specific to everyone used to share; and through these social platforms to answer questions fancier concern, communication and exchange them through these products under a real-time decision directions for improvement.

this way, making the products before the lifeless has a soul, true to life. The personality of the product is the developer's personality, as well as the user features for the product. Comparison of the past through the planning of a product, the direct launch of the product, the lack of a live participation.

communication by fancier and developers "God", to understand the characteristics of products, to provide their own views for the product developer, the absorption of these suggestions, and for its realization; fancier from the past blind, to participate in the technical development of the sense of achievement, to have a fever into loyal followers for developers.

this development model is constantly attracting new followers to join it, but also bring different needs and new ideas come in

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