The application of a circle of friends once blocked WeChat into selective law enforcement dispute


The application of a circle of friends once blocked WeChat into selective law enforcement dispute


this rich traffic being many companies trying to chase, but WeChat may seem harsh but not clear rules tend to make the effort to cast to the wind.

on the morning of July 16th, called "Platon app" WeChat public number has developed a character label test products, users concerned about the WeChat public number or download App, you can test.


application encourages users to share the final test results to a circle of friends, just a few hours, the game has been in the WeChat circle of friends shuabing.

has unconfirmed network screenshot shows: Platon insiders revealed that the event to let the "Platon app" WeChat public numbers within a few hours to attract millions of fans attention.

application itself has increased the degree of concern. According to ASO100 data, from the beginning of July 16th ranked zero, this application on the iOS channel on the social free list, has quickly jumped from outside the top 150 to the top 10.

but at 12 o'clock, good times don't last long, the number of public micro envelope display is banned, and the production of images, links, because of sharing was induced by shield.


gives the corresponding explanation is that if WeChat has released the public account sign test, including the release of new year sign, testing, testing and other information of the constellation, WeChat public platform will depend on the circumstances of the illegal public attention to the user to delete (fans) and Title treatment.

, because the public number was sealed off, and now still in the appeal stage, if too many media sound, worried about public numbers do not know whether the normal return." Platon App relevant person in charge to remain silent on the grounds of the appeal, refused to interview the interface news.

is now very difficult to use quantitative data to explain Platon's this play for WeChat users in the end caused much trouble, now WeChat is more with artificial and intuition to define users to share content whether the negative impact on the WeChat ecosystem.

easy to vehicles CEO Zhou hang in the WeChat team said in a letter to WeChat, the floating layer caused by shielding involves the induction of share, is a universal excuse, no specific standards, not open, opaque, black box operation, It differs from man to man., from time to time.

Platon App in the application of the mall is a chat dating software, before last night has not been a particularly humble start-up companies. There are also many products such as Platon, WeChat will have a public platform for marketing promotion as an important flow into and brand exposure, so they generally will be able to share the worry out in WeChat.

but for such companies, the fuzzy rule definition often let WeChat is more like a piece of land mines and fertile land, in marketing if the slightest mistake, all previous efforts will quickly die.

since the birth of WeChat, this country

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