360 report to the police to use their positions will be profitable next week


360 report to the police to use their positions will be profitable next week

Legal Evening News (reporter Fan Botao) this morning, the reporter learned from the Dongcheng District court, the Qihoo of Beijing science and technology limited company staff Liu Wei took advantage of his position to a suspected criminal case, will be held next week in court.

reporter learned from the 360 companies, in 2014 the company received real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, reflecting the former employee Liu Wei took advantage of his position, for illegal operations with the company for profit resource. Supervision of the company after the investigation, to find and confirm the doings Liu Wei serious violation of the company's "business behavior and moral code", "Employee Handbook" and other regulations, a serious departure from the company's values and requirements for the product, its behavior and properties are very bad. Then, 360 companies take the initiative to contact the police, and actively cooperate with the investigation report; at the same time, make internal processing: 360 companies to terminate the labor contract, and Liu Wei never hired; and in the company of Liu Wei's illegal behavior to be notified.

internal staff of the law will not tolerate, found together, deal with." 360 the company responsible person, from 2014 to date, the company has reported to the public security organs to report the incident since the three internal employees, fraud, illegal employees have been subject to legal sanctions.

Malicious Trojan virus

in the year of 2015 under artificially interception reached more than 50 thousand, can escape the manual review and artificial killing is an extreme case. Of such illegal acts, the 360 is to strengthen regulatory measures, follow the "real name authentication technology + test + users to report" the basic principle, through multiple audits, manual analysis and regular review and other measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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