2016 electricity supplier major mergers and acquisitions list future mergers and acquisitions will b


2016 electricity supplier major mergers and acquisitions list future mergers and acquisitions will b

famous writer Wu Xiaobo often said that "the world is so noisy, how are the truth." After a year of hustle and bustle, the electricity sector mergers and acquisitions continue, what are the characteristics of these acquisitions, what is the reason behind the


back in 2016 the electricity supplier in the field of major merger cases since 15, involving more than 100 billion yuan of funds, "" united business network special finishing 2016 in the electricity industry in major event list, analysis the reasons behind, for reference.


express capitalized operation over a certain point is no longer the original way of competition

2016 express industry a loud word is "listed", the courier industry with the electricity supplier development and growth, was born as one of three "SF" such leading enterprises, the competition for the market, fierce competition.

March 2016 September 13th, Yuantong announced the acquisition of its suits, A shares of listed companies backdoor Yuantong garment dowin listing, formally approved by the SFC;

In May 2016,

announced the acquisition of TAIDING SF October 11th, new material, new material for backdoor dintec conditionally by the SFC;

July 2016 rhyme announced a 100% stake in the exchange, and Xinhai shares November 8th, Xinhai shares announcement that the Audit Commission, corporate reorganization by the conditions.

Internet industry spread 721 rule, I believe in the courier industry is also applicable. In order to complete the integration of upstream and downstream industries in the future, the express industry big change from market is the lifeline, is the only way to survive and get offensive ammunition. The parties listed for priority recount.

SF in the backdoor announcement stated, "in an increasingly competitive industry, the overall gross margin decline in the background, the express enterprises need external capital to help to complete the heavy asset type enterprises and integrated logistics service providers should change for."

and Yuantong founder Yu Weijiao face competition in the express industry said: "the era of integration in 2017 will officially enter the express delivery industry, the fastest five years, slow is five to seven years, now these domestic logistics companies would have been restructuring and integration."

STO assistant president Li Yongshun has said: we can vaguely feel, after a certain point, the industry is no longer the original way of competition.

from the above: courier companies listed on the market, in order to get access to the capital market, the upper and lower reaches of the integration of ammunition, when the completion of the integration is also the time of the small and medium enterprises express useless.

giants do not succumb to the oligarchs, to pay the license battle

for the business enterprise, have to pay their own entrance, build their own ecological integrity, pay on heteronomy is the dream. But now the payment market

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