Sources said the Jingdong will buy beautiful Jingdong said nothing


Sources said the Jingdong will buy beautiful Jingdong said nothing

[TechWeb] reported February 4th afternoon news today from the media " eight " broke the news, Jingdong is beautiful and United Group (merged beauty) to negotiate acquisitions, the merger has been basically finalized. TechWeb the first time contact Jingdong aspects of public relations, the other party made it clear that " no thing ". TechWeb at the same time to verify the beauty of the United Group, as of press time, the other no response.


news that Jingdong will buy beautiful said Jingdong responded: no matter what

January 11, 2016, and beauty said through internal mail to confirm the rumors have long been a merger.

according to the released internal e-mail shows that the transaction will be completed to fully convertible way, on both sides of the latest round of financing valuation (i.e. and beautiful valuation ratio is about 2:1) as the basis for a new agreement with the company's overall business valuation of nearly $3 billion. At the same time, the merger does not involve the withdrawal of shareholders, the existing shareholders have expressed strong support for the transaction, Tencent for the new company additional investment.

announced six months after the merger, and the United States said that the world was merged into " beautiful joint group " three are female shopping sharing and shopping community.

June 15, 2016, announced the establishment of the beautiful united group, beautiful united group CEO June said at the press conference,, said the beautiful, scouring the world three companies to registered users has more than 200 million, the data is considerable. But the industry believes that because of the presence of Ali, the United States, such as the United States is still the road twists and turns.

at the end of September last year, the beautiful United Group denied because of the slowdown in performance and rumors of layoffs.

just released in December last year the "2016 TOP200" list valuation krypton, beautiful united group to 16 billion yuan valuation ranked 24 in the rankings.

for the acquisition rumors, some analysts believe that the Jingdong in the female user needs mining is weak, the acquisition is not possible.

But in the face of BOE

the acquisition rumors have been denied, Jingdong public relations who made it clear that no matter ". "

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