Jingdong accused of disguised layoffs to respond to individual employees are unwilling to accept arr


Jingdong accused of disguised layoffs to respond to individual employees are unwilling to accept arr

May 11th, Jinzhong Songhong Road intersection, Jingdong home couriers to talk about "way out in the vicinity of the company".

      surging news reporter Xiao Qianying figure

, the company gave the two road, take the initiative to leave or go to the mall to do full-time Jingdong express. We can not accept, I hope to get a monthly salary compensation after leaving." "Jingdong home full-time courier Xing a (a pseudonym) recently told the surging news (www.thepaper.cn), he and many of his colleagues, two road companies to the disguised layoffs, hoping to leave but a month salary compensation to the company.

in this regard, the Jingdong by e-mail reply said surging news, at present, most of the original Jingdong home logistics system staff have been in the Jingdong within the mall to find a new location, only a few employees due to personal reasons not willing to accept the arrangement of the company, not the final confirmation of adjustment.

courier: "good sites are occupied

CEO, founder of the Jingdong in April 15th, Liu Qiangdong announced that the O2O subsidiary group's Jingdong home and Crowdsourcing logistics platform "dada" merger. Crowdsourcing logistics means that anyone can be a part-time courier.

after the merger news came out, there are leaders looking for us to talk, or automatically leave but can not get any compensation, or transferred to the mall to do couriers Jingdong." Xing 8 May surging news broke the news that the adjustment involves more than more than 100 people in Shanghai, they are generally not satisfied with the choice of these two, hoping to leave but get the company's monthly wage compensation.

Jingdong, Beijing, a courier also said he was in a stalemate with the local Jingdong, Beijing is estimated that about 240 employees involved in the adjustment.

why do not want to turn to Jingdong mall?

was a self proclaimed in the Jingdong store did a year of courier Wu Qingdong (a pseudonym) said that the Jingdong mall monthly salary to 1000 yuan lower than the Jingdong at home, "I April 2014 fast and easy transfer from the Jingdong in the mall, average income 4000 yuan. But in 2015 to join Jingdong can get more than 5200 yuan."

Wu Qingdong said, when the Jingdong mall salary includes basic salary of 1200 yuan, 360 yuan rice paste, attendance award 50 yuan and other content, in addition, some of the performance by 1.7 yuan / single. He said that no good sites cannot be guaranteed income, "Jingdong has just entered the mall, because there is no new sites, I took 4 months minimum wage 2000 yuan, until a single amount of other courier are redundant. But the good sites are occupied, have won some climbing areas, especially hard."

in addition, Wu Qingdong stressed that the less earned in the Jingdong store, but heavy to move more, "boxes of water, beverage, milk and paper are very heavy. Furthermore, unloading is more tiring than delivery. Every morning after arrival must be unloaded."

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