How to do after the seller received bad Taobao malicious evaluation


How to do after the seller received bad Taobao malicious evaluation

Taobao sellers received bad comments after how to do? This world has never been fair, and not because of your kindness and get the appropriate return. In Taobao there are many online buyers love carp, he will be a variety of reasons to find the shopkeeper trouble, but the most sinister than the bad ones.

received the buyer's evaluation, because only the mutual assessment to see if the buyer evaluation, that the shopkeeper is certainly to his praise, like a fool to praise the buyers. The shopkeeper evaluation found buyers for a variety of reasons to own is bad, such as why express delivery speed so slow ah, why not in the ideal way? What is more that evaluation is also good, but it is bad to. At this time the shopkeeper must feel too injustice: because the shopkeeper does not express the company's boss, who can manage express speed? What is the ideal way to spend a value of one thousand yuan to buy? What is the ideal way? And when buyers received a bad rating to each other is indeed the shopkeeper reputably, really my heart is humbled, infuriated, angry


is the site for many years operating experience summed up Taobao:

heavy artillery one: bad review open circuit

buyers to the shopkeeper evaluation, the shopkeeper give buyers a big bad. Although this may be wronged good buyers, but just a few seconds of injustice, who will not care about these seconds of injustice. Because the shopkeeper is pertinent to see the buyer's evaluation, evaluation and management in the treasurer can enter into praise the bad review! If the shopkeeper gave buyers praise, praise will not be able to change the shopkeeper. And to the other side is poor, you can modify the praise. Although counterintuitive, but do not, certainly to intentionally destroy buyers more rampant, more unscrupulous


heavy cannon two: kindly solve

has deliberately caused buyers to see the shopkeeper gave him a bad review, will take the initiative to come negotiation, then the shopkeeper touzhuoyue. Some deliberately caused buyers due to the face or to achieve the purpose, and will not take the initiative to come to negotiate the shopkeeper. At this time the shopkeeper must suppress anger, and make good use of good buyers to negotiate, and avatar expression negotiations: for example, face, smile, shake hands, glasses and so on, even if the shopkeeper mood is very angry, some buyers see such emoticons, may conscience will change. In fact, this is the behavior control emotions, even if you are angry in the real time, do is grimace, laugh, the mood will be much better (


note: communication, buyers must be forced to admit the seller. People are like this, always want to prove that he is right, the world is wrong. The treasurer should comply with the buyers of humble heart, admit, do not ignore the buyer's request to admit, will only make things worse.! in general, when buyers communicate with you feel very happy, think again he gave you modify the praise, you will give him change into praise, joy and not for you >

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