Online shopping into the county era electricity providers how to do


Online shopping into the county era electricity providers how to do


new Taobao 2012 national network consumption counties survey, in the 2006 county area the survey, in 2012 a total of more than 30 million people last year Taobao Taobao shopping, shopping will cost 179 billion yuan. Last year, the county and the city's online shopping data ratio is: per capita annual expenditure of 6000 VS 4700, the average number of online shopping per capita of 54 VS, the use of mobile phones Taobao ratio of 22% VS. All these data shows: online shopping ushered in the era of the county".


so, why the county consumers more easily go online shopping? This is an opportunity or a challenge to the electricity supplier? As a business should be how to deal with? Let us follow Shanghai eye cosmetics Co. Ltd. (Taobao) general manager Mr. Huang Xiaodong together to discuss this question.

why County consumers prefer online shopping?

first: Taobao's massive information to make up for the lack of a relatively simple consumer information channels in the county: the user can get massive commodity information through the Internet, a variety of electronic business platform. So they are also more likely to shop in Taobao, Jingdong, etc.. People in large cities have more access to information, and the Internet is just one of the channels for them to get information. At the same time they are more demanding on the brand attributes, which is precisely the lack of Taobao goods.

second: Taobao and other electronic business platform to provide users with a large number of personalized, more innovative products, but also for these products have brought a lot of exposure and access to the user's channel. With the rise of spending power, the residents of small cities also need more reliable, cost-effective, good service brand. And many well-known brand sales channels are still concentrated in a second tier cities, the coverage of the county rarely. Therefore, the Internet has become an important channel to meet the county consumers.

small brands PK big brands, small brands win.


small town shopping needs, is very obvious promoting effect on the electricity supplier. Provide a brand on PK platform for many small brands of Taobao. At the same time, although many international brands have settled in the electricity supplier, but they are still very tangled on how to use the Internet, and they are entangled in a lot of small brands in Taobao's rapid development opportunities. At the same time, the county for the first brand of consumer understanding is not deep enough, for them too well-known brands superior cost-effective, good service; therefore, more accessible small brand is very popular.

in the existing online consumer trends, the next few years is likely to be born a large number of excellent brand based on the electronic business platform, and finally may even spread from online to offline. However, after the success of the opportunity, but also to see whether the subsequent positioning of the electricity supplier is accurate, accurate contact with the target consumer

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