Ebola virus rampant cross-border electricity supplier logistics affected


Ebola virus rampant cross-border electricity supplier logistics affected

news October 8th, billion state power network that is currently raging in West Africa by Ebola virus (Ebola Ebola virus /), recently, China cross-border electricity supplier to the West Africa region package may be blocked.

On the 6 October

Hongkong postal logistics service providers issued a notice: "by the Ebola virus, suspended all sent to Liberia and Sierra Leone all mail delivery services (excluding Hongkong EMS service), until further notice!"

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in September this year to Spain from Africa Ebola virus infection

industry analysis, the emergence of the epidemic for the development of e-commerce is a double-edged sword. When the epidemic occurs, people will be more inclined to online shopping, rather than go to the crowded outdoor areas of procurement; but if the epidemic is serious, courier delivery may be affected. The cross-border electricity supplier, the outbreak of the outbreak, the customs inspection will become more stringent.

had domestic media reports: in Sierra Leone, after the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic spread, more people on the Internet to order the family's daily necessities from China - as long as the courier is still ignoring the work of life."

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billion state power network to understand, since the beginning of February 2014 the outbreak of the Ebola virus outbreak in the West African epidemic, as of October 4th, by the WHO statistics, Ebola has caused 7470 cases of confirmed or suspected cases, 3431 people were killed. The outbreak of the Ebola virus spread to the Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Senegal, the United States, Spain, and beyond the remote jungle villages for the first time, spread to a large city with a dense population.

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