Double eleven day for Alipay to complete mobile payment 197 million pen


Double eleven day for Alipay to complete mobile payment 197 million pen


technology news November 12th morning, announced the eleven double ant gold suit all day long Alipay mobile payment number two, eleven Alipay mobile payment all day long, the number of transactions reached 197 million pen, an increase of 336%.

double eleven also sold the same day, a total of 186 million shipping insurance, also hit a record of the global insurance industry, the huge potential of Internet banking amazing.

2013 eleven, Alipay completed the mobile payment number 45 million 180 thousand, was created a world record peak.

this year eleven to 12:05, Alipay will usher in a double peak this year eleven of the transaction, the minutes of transactions reached 2 million 850 thousand pen. Compared to last year's double eleven during the 790 thousand pen / minute trading peak, the system's support capacity reached more than 3 times last year. In this regard, Alipay this year the latest implementation of the "cloud" payment architecture provides a strong technical foundation.


financial services group CTO Cheng Li introduced to the payment system, the annual double eleven is a big test. This year, many banks partner with Alipay in a double eleven before putting the system's ability to pay up to 2 times last year. In order to successfully meet the double eleven, system pressure test Alipay and many banks together before and after more than 10 times of high strength and high simulation.

Statistics show that the final

, select this year eleven consumer payment channels, fast payment in the first place, the amount accounted for 56.9%, the balance of the second, accounting for 12.5%, Yu Ebao third, accounting for 11.5%, the new year Bao Tmall ranked fourth, accounting for 7.3%, installment purchase fifth, accounting for 1.1% other payment channels, including online banking, accounting for 0.7%. (Shang Zi)

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