Platform B2C will have a century of war


Platform B2C will have a century of war

Baidu has just announced a major strategic initiatives of e-commerce market, and e-commerce sites in Japan Lotte will set up a joint venture company in the next 3 years to spend $50 million to build ultra large integrated B2C online shopping mall for China users. Taobao recently also frequently force in B2C, Taobao mall, Taobao Electric City on the line, Taobao's future will also force in B2C.

in Europe, in recent years, with the consumer information security more and more attention on the Internet, the Ebay mode is more and more people shuaishouzhanggui the lack of confidence, and Amazon this centralized management mode is more and more accepted for the end, Amazon's rapid development is also more than EABY also confirmed this trend.

the success of Taobao C2C to Tencent and Baidu has launched and patted ah, but they did not constitute a threat to Taobao, in the field of C2C, Taobao first mover advantages highlighted after the fall at the end of later generations, and pat Taobao is like ah to attempt an ineffective solution, peibenzhuanyaohe. But the B2C market, Taobao faces B2C, C2C of the two forms of competition, the right hand left hand pump, the two forms of diversion, will face C2C customer success but may the constraints in the development of B2C, Baidu, Tencent in the B2C force, will synchronize with Taobao.

B2C in the corner overtaking, e-commerce opportunities have been winning. I am here to predict and assert that e-commerce has always been optimistic about Ma Huateng is bound to enter the strategic forces of B2C, in the battle of B2C, Taobao, Baidu, Tencent will have the most intense battle of the century.

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