Uber push the application of a taxi service within one hour to reach the city


Uber push the application of a taxi service within one hour to reach the city

[Abstract]Uber couriers deliver packages by foot or by bike, which cost $15 to $30.

private car service provider Uber in the development of diversified business has taken a solid step forward. The company will launch a courier service in New York, Manhattan on Tuesday.

the service is called UberRush, which can help customers deliver small packages, usually able to arrive within an hour. The same as the traditional courier service, Uber courier by foot or bike to provide consumers with the service, the cost of $15 to $30, the specific charges will depend on delivery distance.

UberRush Business Hours for seven days a week is 24 hours, all-weather service. The service is currently limited to Manhattan, but plans to expand to other cities in the United states. According to the U.S. financial media CNBC reported that UberRush will also provide tracking and parcel delivery services for the sender and recipient.

Uber had made many attempts in the field of express, for the campaign, the company had express ice cream, Valentine's Day roses and a Christmas tree.

in December last year, Uber CEO • Kalanick (Travis Kalanick), said the company is not satisfied with the provision of a taxi service, the future will be involved in logistics business in the future. Kalanick said at the time: "at present, we are able to achieve five minutes in the car. Once you can send a car in five minutes, you can do a lot of other things in about five minutes."

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